Samsung Galaxy S9 The Principle Of Samsung’s Design

For the recent launch, Samsung has cleared its goal of designs. The Galaxy S8 looks outstanding. It seems that the Samsung still find the ideal location of control buttons and other external elements of the smartphone. Sound, power, speaker, headphone jacks and USB are in the same place and at the predecessor. So, expect more design improvements in case of Samsung Galaxy S9 specs.

Samsung Galaxy S9 The Principle Of Samsung’s Design

In the Samsung Galaxy S8, only a slot for SIM-card moved to the top of the sidebar, and for good reason. Yes, in the Galaxy again it has a microSD card slot, and it is wonderful. No more divination and suffering on the optimal amount of internal storage. We still 256 GB to 256 GB built-in memories? We put the card and enjoy. It is necessary to 128GB? No problem. It supports drives up to 200 GB capacities. The memory card is much cheaper than the older models of smartphones with a larger amount of internal storage. By the time of Samsung Galaxy S9, the 256GB model would be too common to see, but remain expensive.

If additional space is not required, microSD-card can take place the second SIM-card. Simultaneous operation of the second SIM and memory card is not available. Samsung can keep this interesting feature of Smart SIM in Galaxy S9 As well.  Fingerprint sensor, located in the button Home, is noticeably quicker and smarter and more precisely in the recognition of fingerprints, and the button is now flush with the chassis. False positives, when the smartphone accidentally clamped in the pocket, is no more.

Included with the Galaxy S8 there is a power adapter, the USB-cord, regular headphones-droplets with interchangeable covers, plugs, as well as an adapter for microUSB, designed for rapid and complete data transfer from your old smartphone via the built-in utility Smart Switch. And, expect exactly similar for the Galaxy S9 in ergonomics.

Displays have always been the strong point of Samsung, Galaxy S8 and continue to keep the brand. The smartphone is equipped with 5.1-inch display Super AMOLED Quad HD (resolution of 2560 × 1440) with a density of 577 pixels per inch. The screen is protected by glass Gorilla Glass 4 with anti-reflective coating. And, here Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks with Gorilla Glass 5 to make things stronger and in favor of Samsung.