Right Clothes In The Right Place: Packing Valise To UAE

The question is rather popular and often-heard from all tourists who are going to visit UAE cities. First of all, it is important to remember that you are in the Muslim country. Of course, the tourists are not obliged to wear the Muslim national clothes. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the rules and recommendations. Consider the place you are going to and take the right clothes to feel comfortable. Don’t worry if you know nothing about the Muslim rules.

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Quick Tips

Traditionally, the rules about clothes are represented in every mall, hotel or church. As a rule, the prohibitions are against the open and sheer clothes for both, men and women. If you don’t want to keep the rules, you can be finned, arrested or deported. It can happen that you are prohibited to enter the mall or museum because of the wrong clothes. The police officer will take you out to go home to change the dress. Of course, the locals try to tighten the inspection over the tourists’ clothes. They demand to spread the rule brochures everywhere, including the airports and touristic offices.

If you want to decide what kind of clothes to wear, you have to consider the place, where you are going to. Thus, Dubai is a place of loyal attitude to all touristic weaknesses and specific features. Instead, rent the car in Abu-Dhabi and go to see the most popular public places: the public here has none of the half-naked people, including tourists. But you can easily meet the short skirts or shorts on the streets of Dubai. If you don’t want to feel the excessive attention, it is recommended to avoid big crowds and old city regions, such as Deira or Bur Dubai.

If you wear dress, it must be long or medium dress. If you wear T-shirt, it must be with the long sleeves. If you wear something to spend time in your hotel, you feel free to wear whatever you want but properly.  Pay attention to weather. Of course, you are dreaming of hot summer. Nevertheless, the weather in December and January can be windy and rainy. It is not cold and frosty, but wet. It is better to have something to warm up. The rest of seasons in Dubai are hot. So, you should wear comfortable light clothes made of natural textiles.

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Public Places

The public places you may visit in UAE are different: shopping malls, markets, cafes, restaurants, museums, churches, streets. It is recommended to wear clothes with the long sleeves and long or medium length. Of course, no one will take you out of the shop or cafe, but everyone will gaze upon you, especially if you have a white skin and fair hair. What is more, you can feel cold in the transport or restaurant because of the air conditioning. Again, try to avoid different hot words and phrases on your clothes to insults the feeling of the locals.

Beach Fashion in UAE

What kind of clothes is good for the public or private beaches in UAE? Of course, if you live in the hotel that is full of European and American people, you may wear typical European clothes. Thus, you may wear beach clothes at the hotel swimming pool. One more moment: it is prohibited to stay topless even in the hotel or at the beach, no matter.

Evening Parties and Restaurants

The elegant evening dress is ok. Obviously, you should not wear your beach shorts or T-shirt. It makes everyone gaze upon you, including hotel staff, guests and visitors, especially if you live in the high class hotel.

In the Sun

It is recommended to wear hats and caps and sun glasses in the sun. Never forget to use sun protect serum or cream. Pay attention to the fact that locals and tourists never use public transport. You should hire a car or taxi.



It is recommended to wear pants and light shirt with the long sleeves to keep your skin in safe. Remember that you cannot get into the most of the city attractions, especially religious, if you are dressed in wrong way. Thus, you cannot get to see the beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque if you are wearing clothes with the open hands or knees. You have to cover your head with the special scarf or abaya.

National Arabian Clothes

National Arabian clothes is the symbol of national pride and identity. It is comfortable to wear. It also helps to understand their religious position. The men wear long shorts made of white cotton fibers. It is called kandoora. The head is covered with ghutra. The women wear abaya – long black dress of black color. Abaya is usually dressed up on top of the European clothes. The head is covered with the black scarf, called sheila.

FINNALY: Packing Valise

So, you need to take summer clothes with you. Of course, sometimes, you want to wear a light jacket or long sleeve short. Pay attention to that, especially if you are spending time in the conditioned restaurant. Of course, the most of the shopping malls has the dress code for all visitors. Nevertheless you can see the European tourists in their favorite clothes here and there. Locals like and appreciate when you show your respect to their culture and traditions with the help of clothes. Their attitude to the right-dressed people is much better than you could ever expect. Traditionally, the beach clothes must be wore only on the beach.

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What else do you want to take with you in UAE? If you like visiting restaurants and night clubs, you have to wear something chic and elegant. People like good stylish clothes. You can buy different sorts of clothes in Dubai, including the latest brand models. If you want to spend your time travelling over the country, your clothes must be plain and strict to have easy contact with locals. Nevertheless, Arabian shops are always full of brand cloth models from the latest collections.

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