Review Of A Salesforce Help Desk Software

One of the leading Salesforce help desk software available in the market currently is promises a fast and easy way of delivering a great customer service.

Review Of A Salesforce Help Desk Software

What is Salesforce help desk software

The best thing about Salesforce help desk is that it is tailored for SMEs but it is also a powerful tool for large enterprises. The conversations of the customers are collected in one channel which helps your team to collaborate to personalize, prioritize and manage the responses to satisfy customers. It can be done via email, chat, phone, social media and others and can be done efficiently over all the platforms. It is possible to add or remove part-time agents when required and it can track and engage the sentiments of the customers with fully engaged social media tools.

Fast integration with social media

Near about fifty percent of the internet users visit a social platform everyday and most of them like to visit customer support using social media. helps in monitoring the customer experience on the social networks and solves the problems on the platforms where customers live and play. This Salesforce help desk tool thus makes the most of the social media to solve the problems of the customers.

Benefits of

In one spot view all the customer inquiries – You can easily view the customer inquiries in one place using the Salesforce help desk tool There is no need to go to many places to look out for the different stuffs.

You can’t miss any case again – You can collect all the customer interactions from all channels to one place and your agents can easily respond and monitor too. You can categorize mails with Case Filters using labels or custom fields. You can also track the status and priority in a much easier way.

Customers can help themselves – With this tool the customers can help themselves. You can create your own customer support center with the Desk editor, choosing contact forms, chose colors and many other things. You can customize the support center for different brands using the Content manager and you don’t have to wait for an I.T. staff to assist. It is also possible to add built-in community discussions feature to your website.

More productivity – helps in creating rules to speed up the customer support process which includes auto assignment of tasks, setting case status, role associations etc. Badges can be used to reward the performance.

Customer profiling – You can associate customer history like pending or past issues, contact data in every case so that the agents can personalize the response.

Multi-lingual support – Salesforce help desk tool enables their customers to respond and impress their customers in the native languages with support to about 36 languages and variations accessible via intelligent content management tool.