Remove The Cover From Your Hot Tub The Easy Way

Removing the cover from your hot tub or spa can often be a little bit awkward, particularly if there is nobody around to lend a hand. Not only can you strain your back if the cover is large and heavy but you also run the risk of damaging your cover as well, leading to the expense of buying a new one. There are however a number of options open to you to prevent this from happening and we’ve teamed up with Aqua Spa Supplies, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hot tub supplies and accessories, to take a look at what these are and what your options are.

Install A Cover Shelf

One of the simplest ways of removing your cover would be to install a Cover Shelf. Quite simply this is just a sturdy aluminium curved bar. It attaches to the hot tub or spa and remains folded flat when not in use. When you want to remove the cover, fold the cover in half and just slide it onto the shelf out of the way; far easier than trying to lift it off and storing it on the ground. The beauty of this type of cover storage is that it won’t obscure your view whilst in the water.

Purchase A Cover Caddy Premium Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Another option that won’t obscure your view is the Cover Caddy Premium Hot Tub Cover Lifter. Designed to be installed in just minutes, the Cover Caddy is gas spring assisted for easy removal of your cover which is then stored to the side of your spa.

Try A Covermate Freestyle For An Unusual Shaped Hot Tub

Of course not everyone has a conventional shaped hot tub, so if yours is a more unusual shape then you will need to find a different solution. Try the Covermate Freestyle instead which has an adjustable base that slides under the spa and can be used where others can’t.

Coyana Spa Covers – The Ultimate Luxury In Hot Tub Covers

Of course the ultimate in covers and lifters has to be the Covana Spa Cover. Once installed it will elevate above your spa with just a turn of a key and will turn your spa into an item you will want to use much more, thanks to the protection it also provides against the sun or indeed the rain.