Cleaning Products From Your Kitchen

Are you tired of giving away money to stores for chemical-filled products that eventually either do work or do not, but nonetheless fill your flat or house with toxins? You have probably noticed that you keep throwing away the plastic bottles of cleaners that you have no memory of using, and when you see their description, you do not even remember their effect. It is only normal to be weary of all the effort and money spent on cleaning with labeled products which do not have the desired effect.

If that is the case, you should remember that you do not have to look further than your kitchen to find handy cleaning products. All the toxic cleaners are something used recently, but before them people have been cleaning their homes with simple home-made products used in everyday life. Here are all the things you might have missed when your grandparents were giving you advices for house cleaning.

Baking Soda

Cheap, non-toxic, and with a variety of applications. This is probably the most useful household cleaner you may find. Its most basic function – surface cleaning, is as simple as it gets. Add baking soda to a damp cloth, and start scrubbing. After you are done, rinse with water, and the cleaning is complete! Most stains give up quickly under the soda’s effects so you will not even have to bother with long scrubbings. If there is a stubborn stain, make soda paste (mix soda and water until you get a pasty homogeneous concoction) and scrub away until the stain is no more. Greases are not a problem as well as soda eats through the spots and rids you of the nasty slippery places in your kitchen. Oven cleaning is now easier with just a bit of soda to defeat all the grease and grime. Ever seen a grease fire? Well, soda also exterminates it with a few sprinkles. If there are grime marks which you cannot remove from a dish, put a pinch of soda over them, put them in hot water, and wait about a day until the soda dissolves and eats away at the stubborn stains. Kitchen cleaning is now a simple task with just a bit of soda. Even carpet cleaning is easier. Rub with some soda, and stains weaken and become easier to remove. Same effect goes for the laundry as well. Soda can also defeat nasty odours that may be lingering around your house. Find the source, sprinkle some soda, scrub away a bit and rid yourself of the smell.


Almost as useful as baking soda, there is a variety of ways to implement vinegar in your spring cleaning process. Instead of taking your carpet to the carpet cleaners, you can apply vinegar along with some liquid detergent, and warm water to a soft brush, and rub at the stains on your carpet until completely gone. You may use vinegar on all kinds of surfaces, from woodwork to stainless steel without any drawbacks, with the only effect being a clean surface. Distilled vinegar can help you with any ant invasion your kitchen may be suffering from. Use it to clean and deodorise drains and the refrigerator, and even clean limescale. Pest control is also not a problem with a bit of distilled vinegar.


Salt is useful when cleaning a variety of cookware. No stains are too stubborn when you pour some coarse salt over them and start scrubbing. Grease is easily removed by pouring salt, rubbing with some paper, and then doing a quick rinse.

Lemon Juice

And after you are done cleaning, you can implement some lemon juice to freshen up your home. Except for cleaning, lemon juice can be used as a disinfectant with its anti-bacterial properties, and it can add a sweet fragrance to your home. Also, using half a lemon as a sponge and baking soda you can remove almost any type of greasy stain.

Those are but a few of the things you may easily use as cleaning products from your kitchen. Save yourself the price of the expensive market cleaners, or even the services of a cleaning agency. You do not need professional cleaners to do a job you can to yourself just by equipping yourself with the contents of a cupboard. For more ideas: