Regina Plumbing Protection Plans – Are They Worth It?

If you have ever experienced a sudden leak you will be aware of just how much damage can be caused to your valuable possessions in next to no time.  Indeed, if a plumbing leak is not spotted quickly it can even cause your house to flood.  Although in many situations your insurance will cover the cost of the damage, they are unlikely to cover the cost of repairing the leak as general wear and tear is not generally covered by insurance policies.

This could leave you facing an expensive bill from your plumbing and no way of reclaiming the funds you spend.  There is one option which some Regina plumbing firms are offering; this is a protection plan.  One call to Smile Heating & Cooling Inc could have you enlisted on such a plan in moments.

What is a Plumbing Protection Plan?

Put simply it is a means of spreading the cost of repairs; in much the same way that an insurance premium works.  The Regina plumbing firm will complete an assessment of your property and will then be able to calculate an appropriate premium.  This amount will be paid monthly and will then cover you for regular maintenance, inspection and a range of repairs.  This does not mean you will need these repairs doing but, if you do, you can have them completed quickly and effectively without needing to pay any funds out at that time!

If you are on a limited budget and have an issue like this you will be exceptionally grateful for a plan like this!

Reasons to have the plan

The biggest reason for anyone taking out a protection plan with a Regina plumbing firm is to provide themselves with peace of mind.  Knowing that the cost of dealing with maintenance and emergency repairs is being covered by the protection plan will mean that you never have to worry about being able to afford to have essential work done.

The added incentive of this, when you are on a budget, is not just that you can plan your expenditure; it will avoid you needing to take out a last minute payday style loan which charges an exorbitant rate of interest for a very short term loan.

A protection plan from your local Regina plumbing firm will also ensure you receive a prompt service when you do need them.  You will be an established customer who will need to be looked after; in line with the terms of their protection offer.  This can be exceptionally beneficial if there are many different issues occurring and plumbers have become in urgent need.  You will obtain priority treatment.

Plumbers are busy and can be expensive; the beauty of any protection plan is that you will be able to obtain the best possible service in the shortest possible time without having to find the funds necessary to deal with an expensive repair.  This is a powerful motivation to justify why you should have a protection plan from your Regina plumbing firm today.