A quick look at 5 affordable commercial roofing alternatives

Take a quick look at 5 affordable commercial roofing alternatives that will not let you regret later.

The only constant in today’s world is changing! Not having a typical roof but still getting its benefits is actually possible if you take alternatives to commercial roofing. We all want to save money, but there are points when saving comes with options. You might wish to stand differently in the commercial zone but still manage to escape the costly risks that might occur while trying something new. There are few alternatives available for commercial roofing that are outstanding as well as affordable.

Stone-Coated Metal

Stones are in excessive use for roofing purposes in all parts of the world. It is generally preferred in Minneapolis’ climatic conditions. A weak roof may perform better for some time, but it will start getting damaged quickly.  Stone-coated metal roofing is usually installed over wood strips, creating air channels between the roof deck and the roofing. This protects against tearing and rupturing due to the easy flow of air and also prevents bacterial growth. Also, this enables easy maintenance and sustains the quality.

Built-Up Roofing

Built up roofing is ideally meant for low-sloped roofs that are also mandatory in snowy or rainy areas. Most built-up roofs consist of a layer of rigid insulation which is advantageous in reducing energy consumption. The ply sheets serve as a reinforcing material for surfacing of the rooftop and also stands as a long-lasting membrane. It is significant inexpensive than replacing the roof. It can also be recoated whenever required.

Solar Shingles

The basic need nowadays is to reduce energy consumption as the world is constantly running short of energy resources. Considering solar shingles as a suitable source of renewable energy is a cost-effective idea. One might think that solar panel installation is an expensive process, but they start paying for themselves right after the installation.

Minnesota has the potential to generate 38.5% of its electricity from rooftop panels as the energy generated during daylight hugely benefits the consumption during working hours. This can cut the utility bills by 15 percent or even more.

Single-Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing can also be a better choice in Minneapolis when you are not opting for multiply layered asphalt roofing. Single ply membrane provides seamless water flow protection and resistance to natural influences like strong winds, hails, and UV rays when chosen carefully. There are two types of membranes, Thermoset, and thermoplastic.

Thermoset membrane consists of synthetic rubber polymers, such as EPDM, CSPE, and Neoprene. They are preferable for large-sized roofs due to seamless features that make installation feasible. The thermoplastic single-ply membrane is usually defined as hot-air welded together to form cohesive laps. On cooling the thermoplastic material gets back to its original state, forming a permanent bond. Thermoplastic membranes typically include a reinforcing layer of polyester or fiberglass for strength and stability.

While selecting a commercial roofing alternative do consider the pros and cons associated with it. Also look at the needs of the building for which you require commercial roofing installation.