Plumbing Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

Think about the last time you purchased a house or rented an apartment. You likely wanted to know some information about the home’s piping systems and bathrooms before committing to the property. Prospective buyers or renters for your current home are likely to have similar inquiries as they view the property. 

Getting some upgrades now can help make your home more attractive to any potential buyers or renters once your home is on the market. Even if you aren’t selling, you can personally enjoy these upgrades throughout your day-to-day life.

Here are just a few essential upgrades both to attract potential buyers or renters to your property and to improve your own quality of life in your home. 

New Pipes

Pipes are what make indoor plumbing possible in the first place. The pipes on your property may be older than you realize, and could be worth replacing based on material alone, particularly if they are made with lead or contain lead. 

If your home constantly experiences clogs, new pipes might be necessary. Old pipes can also lead to other issues, such as bursts, floods, and mold growth. 

New pipes can stop these issues and increase the value of your home. All-new pipes reassure potential buyers or renters that they won’t have to deal with this pernicious plumbing issue while they live in your home, a vital piece of their peace of mind during the purchase process. 

Of course, getting all brand new pipes in your home and on your property can be pricey, so speak with your plumber about the most cost-effective options as far as pipes and pipe materials. If price is an issue, you could decide to have some pipes replaced now and have others done later in order to spread the total cost of the project out over time.

A New Bathtub or Walk-in Shower

There are few things that feel better when one first rolls out of bed than a hot shower, or better after a long day than a relaxing soak in a high-quality bathtub. Depending upon the current layout of your home’s bathrooms, you may want to consider adding a bathtub or a walk-in shower. 

If the house does not currently have a bathtub, this plumbing upgrade is an important one to get. Some buyers will not even consider a house that lacks a tub. A bathtub sends a message that your home is a place where occupants can relax and unwind.

If your bathtub is old or small, consider upgrading it to a larger, newer model. As with pipes, anything you replace means buyers don’t have to, an enticement for anyone in the complicated apartment-hunting or home-buying process. 

On the other hand, a walk-in shower can be beneficial for accessibility purposes. Installing a walk-in shower in the first-floor bathroom is a smart idea. Individuals with accessibility concerns may be looking for homes with a full bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. In addition, walk-in showers are separate from any existing bathtubs, which gives your bathrooms a luxurious, high-end feel. 

An Additional Bathroom

You can seriously increase the value of your home by adding another bathroom, particularly if the dwelling currently has only one. Plenty of buyers are looking for houses that have at least two full bathrooms, especially in homes that are designed for families with children. 

If you’re not moving in the near future, consider how an extra bathroom could make the morning rush easier for your own family. Or, you may consider how an extra bathroom may make entertaining easier as guests don’t have to take turns waiting for a singular bathroom to open up. 

Farmhouse Sink

As farmhouse design has risen to popularity in recent years, this practical sink design has come back into favor with celebrity interior designers and the average homeowner alike. These sinks rose with farmhouse chic, but kitchens of every aesthetic can benefit from this upgrade. 

A farmhouse sink is wide enough to wash even large pots with ease. These sinks make an ideal space to prepare large amounts of vegetables, other fresh produce, and even fresh flowers. In addition to being a highly practical upgrade, the large size of the sink creates an atmosphere of bounty in the kitchen. 

Think about how sophisticated your kitchen can look with a farmhouse sink. Whether you’re trying to make the house look more aesthetically appealing for real estate photos or you want to have a more chic space in which to prepare meals, a farmhouse sink can add that look. Make sure to get a pull-out faucet installed so that you can easily wash the dishes all over this wider sink.

Your home should be a place that is customized to your individual tastes. Consider how these upgrades can turn your living space into a more desirable dwelling for both yourself and potential future buyers.