Planning A Family Fun Day Of Sports

Sports are a huge part of our culture and society as a whole. They have a way of bringing people together and tearing them apart through the power of bitter rivalries. While many people may wrap themselves up in these rivalries the majority of sports fans choose to look on the brightside. They view sports as a way to connect, challenge, and engage with people. That’s why planning a family fun day filled with sports and outdoor activities is a great way to bring the whole family together.

Your child may already be involved in some kind of organized sport. If so it may be fun for them to share their love for that particular sport with their family or it might be exciting for them to participate in a new sport they don’t normally get to play. When you’re planning your family fun sports activities keep in mind the ages of  your children. Certain sports aren’t for young children like football or batting cages. Find something that suits their age range. Another thing to keep in mind is the equipment. If you already have a soccer ball and goal set up in the backyard you could either use that for a day filled with soccer fun or splurge and get some new equipment for a more exciting family fun day. The whole point of planning a sports day for your family is to provide new ways of engaging. If you and your child always throw around the baseball this is a time to try something different and fun!

Setting up a small obstacle course filled with challenges from different sports is a great way to introduce your children to new sports they don’t typically get to play. Click here for great backyard obstacle course ideas that are sure to delight. Setting up equipment from different sports by placing equipment like a goal, a basketball hoop, a putt putt hole, and a football in your backyard is a great way to show your child all that’s available to them in the world of sports. This will also allow your children to see if there’s a sport they want to get involved in, maybe a sport they had never really thought of before.

If you don’t have a large backyard or the ability to buy a bunch of new equipment there are ways around that. Visiting places like recreation centers or batting cages are great alternatives to backyard family fun sports days. Getting out and about is more interactive and allows your child to play with other kids their own age. Family fun sports days are all about camaraderie and friendly competition. While you’re out and about why not treat yourself for a day well planned by getting some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery or picking up a gift for yourself or a loved one from Nordstrom. Nordstrom has amazing deals on activewear for the whole family!

Remember when you’re planning a family fun day focused on sports you’ll want to keep the activities age appropriate, offer a wide variety of sports for your children to experience, and take advantage of batting cages or rec centers in your area!