Personalising Your New Shower With Accessories

Showering should be a personal time for you to recapture your energy and enjoy a relaxing experience. To make your shower time even more enjoyable you can personalise any new steam shower unit you purchase by choosing some accessories that deliver benefits you can enjoy with each and every shower. Let’s take a look at some of the options available with new steam shower units.

  1. A steam shower can soothe your tired, aching muscles, especially if you choose one with massaging body jets. Try to choose one with jets that add a stylish and crisp appeal to the shower and complement the other fixtures in your bathroom. From swivel features to a variety of shapes, the jets should add an element of relaxation along with healing benefits to your showering experience.
  2. The experts suggest that you choose a shower head that enhances the interior design of your bathroom and one that meets your personal requirements. Find a supplier that offers an extensive range of shower heads from which you can choose according to your own preferences and needs. From shower heads that mimic falling rain to those that can be adjusted to accommodate your own height and needs, these accessories can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.
  3. The quality of your shower experience can also rest on your choice of new shower arm and head. Designed with quality and style in mind, shower accessories such as shower arms can liven up the look of your shower and deliver the power of the water directly to your skin. Choosing a finish that complements your entire bathroom suite can make your bathroom look organised and well-designed.
  4. Does your plumbing system suffer from hard water? Then you should choose a water softener that can make the water feel softer on your skin and help to keep your new shower unit free from scale. This is an additional feature that can help protect your new shower from the first time you use it.
  5. If your plumbing suffers from unequal water pressure, especially in your shower, you should select the PEV option which controls the balance of cold and hot water pressure in the shower. This feature makes for a far more enjoyable and consistent shower experience.
  6. If you would like to keep the cleaning of your shower to a minimum, and the unit itself looking spectacular at all times, then consider opting for the ShowerGuard protection that makes maintaining the shower glass clean a much easier task. This is an excellent option for protecting your shower from limescale which is difficult to remove.