Patio: The Often Neglected Part When Building your Dream Home

When one wishes to create that dream home, there is much to consider. The house itself requires careful planning, and with the garden to landscape, the overall concept needs to blend together. Some people miss the opportunity to make the exterior a more attractive addition, as they fail to factor in things like a patio or garden terrace, which really does make all the difference.

Increased Living Space

Australia has a temperate climate, and for many months of the year, the garden can be more than just a picturesque vista through the window. Patios are an ideal addition, as they bring the garden and the home together, and with sliding patio doors and the right awning, one can create an idyllic area for al fresco dining, or entertaining friends in the long summer evenings.

Add Value to the Home

A well-designed patio area is an investment, as the extra value on the property would actually pay for the work. If one has the space at the side or rear of the house, it makes sense to create a cosy area that can be accessed by a pair of sliding patio doors. Modern concrete solutions offer a range of colours and finishes, and with roller screens, the area can become a room in the summer months, giving more living space.

A Carport

The great thing about a carport is it can be used for so many things, apart from parking the car. If it is adjacent to the property, one can add a covered walkway. A carport can be a nice shaded area for outdoor parties and other activities, and is a great place for the kids to play when it rains. There are online companies with affordable carports in Perth that can give the homeowner many options, and sides can be added at a later date to give one a secure place to store gardening equipment and garden furniture.

Design Options

Whether one prefers a standard design or something unique, modern materials allow for a customised solution, so if one is thinking of designing and building the ideal home, consider how much nicer the living space will be if a carport is included. An established garage and carport supplier can offer a range of styles, and it isn’t as expensive as one might think.


A new home is the ideal time to think about landscaping, as one has a plot of land that is already cleared. Modern solutions enable multi-tiered terraces and with a little creativity, one can create the perfect garden that will not only complement the property, it will make the home so much more attractive to live in. The driveway and patio can be matched with concrete or liquid limestone, which is maintenance free and retains its look for many years.

The garden is an essential part of any property, and if designed correctly will add a significant amount to the value of the home, while adding extra living space.