Basement Renovation Challenges and How To Tackle Them

Basement renovation increases the market value of your property and adds to the beauty and comfort of the home. Though there might be slight challenges during basement renovation projects, it can be professionally handled when you hire the services of a specialist. Some of the challenges and tips on how to handle them are listed below.

  1. Ductwork

Basement spaces have a potential to be very dark, except when the house is elevated to allow for larger windows or a sliding patio door. This is one of the reasons why optimizing ceiling height is a necessity. Using low beams or duct works will make this a challenge as bulkheads will most likely prevent light from illuminating the basement. In dealing with this situation, you should hire AGM Renovations to carry out several works including:

  • Reworking the layout, moving the lowest sections to the unfinished area of your basement
  • Replacing low beams with higher and more durable ones.

Depending on your budget and the purpose for renovation, you should work out making the ceiling section perfect. Consider choosing drop ceilings for your basement and use appropriate ductwork. This type of ceiling offers easy access to mechanical and electrical works between the first floor joists.

  1. Deal with awkwardness

Free movement in your basement can be hindered by the location of your posts. When positioned without consideration and proper planning, it can ruin the flow of your basement living space. While posts are important because they hold up the weight of your basement, it is best to have them installed in positions that will not hinder basement renovation project. However, stability is one of the factors to consider before installing posts. Relocating posts may require some redesigning and a thorough look into the structural system of your home; this is not an easy task and may likely cost a significant amount of money.

It is wise to use specially designed beams suited for this purpose relative to using posts. It has a tendency of reducing your ceiling height and might require more joists and blocking as well. The best solution to this problem is hiring the services of a qualified basement renovation contractor. A professional contractor will be required to handle this herculean task so speak with one today.

  1. Moisture issues

Moisture propels the growth of mould and also causes some nasty smell in the home. This can be a problem for occupants living in the home, thus making the area uncomfortable to stay. If you detect moisture or nasty smell in any areas, you should make sure it is well taken care of.

In order to find long lasting solutions to the challenges listed above, it is essential you know the underlying cause of the problem. Once this has been identified, make sure it is properly taken care of. , Remove every wet item in your basement; this will help cushion mould growth. In order to reduce the risks of future occurrence, your basement renovation contractor will give you great preventive and maintenance tips. Problems in your basement should not be overlooked but attended to.