Panic Attack! Things To Do In The Event Of A Gas Leakage

As a homeowner, one of the scariest things that can ever happen is a gas leak and it is vital to know what to do in such an event in order to keep everyone safe. Everything from cookers to heating systems can use gas and while it is a great resource to take advantage of, there is always a potential danger when living with gas which is why it is important to understand how to manage a leak if one were to happen.

The great thing about gas is that it is easy to detect when there is a leak because of the smell. As with many things, prevention is the key to avoiding a problem with gas and many leaks are as a result of badly fitted appliances such as cookers and boilers. Professional plumbering services need to be used at all times to avoid problems such as gas leaks and it is vital to ensure that the company is registered with the relevant gas safety body before employing them.

What To Do …

When an appliance has been badly fitted, gas can escape and it usually leaks from the gas hose that goes into the appliance or from the seal that hasn’t been properly fitted.

In the event of a leak, do the following:

  • Turn off the gas supply at the metre
  • Put out any naked flames including candles
  • Do not smoke or light any matches
  • Don’t turn any light switches or anything electrical on or off
  • Open all of the windows and doors
  • Go outside and call an expert for help

While it is important to air the property, it is also important to be safe so if the smell of gas is really strong then leave the property as soon as the gas supply has been turned off and flames have been put out. Homes that use solar and gas are still at risk of a gas leak and it is a good idea to store the number of a professional gas company in a mobile phone to call from outside the property in the event of a leak.

Prevention Tips

Expert plumbers in south Perth, north London or indeed anywhere in the world can offer advice about what should be done in an emergency and using a qualified plumber with a good reputation in the first place is the best way to avoid a problem from happening at all.

Also, invest in good quality appliances that are less likely to leak and contact Peter Stannard Plumbing and Gas for a plumber Perth to get professional advice about what to look out for when investing in safe appliances.

Audible carbon monoxide alarms are important to use, as are smoke alarms, and if a fire breaks out and gas can be smelt – it is vital to inform the fire brigade that there may be a gas leak.