Natural Remedies For Painful Chronic Back Pain

Are you suffering from a stiff, sore, painful, achy back? You’re not alone. Blame it on an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, our growing weight as a population, old age creeping up, a workplace accident, or an old sports injury, but according to sources like the National Institute of Health, the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control, chronic back pain and spine health concerns send more Americans to see their physicians every year than just about any other medical condition. If you’re not quite ready to resort to something as drastic as major surgery or a reliance on pain relievers to deal with your recurring back issues, take a look at some of our natural and effective options for dealing with chronic back pain first.

Natural Remedies For Painful Chronic Back Pain

Work on Your Posture

You may have injured your back helping your best friend during his move, but your back issues may have been a long time coming. Back strain can build up after years of bad posture, especially for those that slouch at their desk or when they walk. Start correcting that slump now by standing up straight when you do things like type, walk the dog, brush your teeth, or wash dishes. It will take some getting used to, but you should start to notice a difference as you take the unnecessary strain off the nerves and tendons in your back.

Get Your Yoga On

Regular yoga can help keep you moving and flexible, even in the face of chronic lower back pain. If you find that a normal routine is a little too difficult at first, feel free to modify some of the moves, using the back of a chair to help with balance and stability until you’re more comfortable. And always check with your physician before embarking on a new exercise routine.

Sleep the Right Way

Everyone knows that you should be getting plenty of rest when you’re recovering from an injury. But what you may not realize is that how you’re resting is important, as well. Sleeping on a bad mattress or, even worse, in the wrong position can actually aggravate a back injury or condition. For example, back or side sleepers should always keep a pillow under or between their knees for support, and all attempts should be made to avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this puts undue stress on the back and neck.

Consider a Chiropractor

Like physical therapy, strength training, and massage, the manual adjustments made by a skilled and qualified chiropractic care team can mean a huge reduction in the amount of pain and severity of symptoms you’re feeling. Many chiropractors will also incorporate nutritional counseling, exercise programs, lifestyle changes, and stretching programs into their therapy, making this one of the most helpful natural approaches to chronic back pain.