Check Out These 8 Property Deal Breakers In Chelmsford

Chelmsford is the County Town of Essex and a popular place to live. With its excellent transport links to London and other parts of the country, and its peaceful, attractive environment, Chelmsford offers a great deal for those looking for a family home or a place to live on their own. But that doesn’t mean that every Chelmsford property is worth a second viewing. As in any market, there will be examples of good value and places you really should walk away from. When you view a Chelmsford flat or house, here are some warning signs to tell you not to bother coming back.

  1. Signs of Damp

Damp can be a difficult problem to shift. It is not only unattractive, but it can cause health problems too and make a house difficult to live in. Take a good look for signs of damp, bearing in mind that the smell of a recently painted house can mask the musty smell. Look for wet spots on the ceiling or walls – check inside cupboards to see if there are any hidden signs. Look for mould or peeling wallpaper. If the windows have condensation this is also a key sign.

  1. Problem Ceilings

Look upwards – stains on the ceiling, drips down the wall, cracks, or strange stains are all cause for concern. If ceilings need to be fixed it will be an expensive job, so take care if you notice these signs of damage.

  1. Doors that Don’t Open or Close

One door that doesn’t latch properly is not necessarily a deal breaker but if plenty of doors don’t fit their frames, or you can’t open them properly, it could be a sign of a bigger structural problem. Don’t be afraid to check doors and windows by opening them as you view the property.

  1. Old Wiring

It’s going to cost you a lot to rewire a whole house. Check the light switches and ask how old the wiring is. Many flats to rent in Chelmsford are older properties with wiring left over from the days when the flats were a complete house.

  1. Mobile Dead Zone

Turn on your mobile and make a call – if you can’t get a signal, consider whether you want to live in a mobile dead zone with all the inconvenience that implies. Same goes for broadband too – if your life revolves around the internet you will need good coverage, says

  1. Problematic Roof

Look at the roof and try to see if you can spot any missing tiles, broken gutters, or damaged chimneys. If you visit on a rainy day, see if water is collecting around the house.

  1. Unstable Attic

A property with a rotting attic will need a lot of work. If you are not prepared to spend the money, look for somewhere else to buy.

  1. Tiny Kitchen

Unless you live off takeaways you will need a kitchen where you can easily move around, otherwise the whole process of preparing meals becomes more stressful. See if you can easily fix a meal in the kitchen without bumping into the cupboards.