Natural Green Solutions To Your Pest Control Problems

Have you lately experienced a pest control problem at home? Are the nasty pests driving you crazy? Don’t fret there is always a solution. Before poisoning your home and family with chemical repellants try some of the natural green elements to drive the bugs away.

In order for the methods to be effective keep your kitchen clean, remove all sources of water and block all the possible entry ways.

Bug Type


Air circulation: Keep a breeze or turn on your fan when you have mosquitoes. The wind hampers the wings of mosquitoes. Keep the air well circulated in order for your house not to become a mosquito party.

Drought: Remove all forms of liquid. This means tighten the faucet, fix the drip and cover the irrigation. Mosquitoes thrive on moist, stale environment.

Sage and rosemary: In order to make the parameter of your home a safe place burn sage or rosemary. In addition to a good smell sage and rosemary are kryptonite to mosquitoes.

Natural Green Solutions To Your Pest Control Problems


Coconut & Vinegar: A mixture between white vinegar and coconut oil is a great bug repellent.

Peppermint: Put peppermint essential oils into a spray bottle and spray the concussion on the web, the doors and where ever else you have seen the eight legged friend.


Cucumber peels: Put out cucumber peals and slices around the area where most ants are spotted. Ants have an aversion to cucumber sent.

Mint: Another repellent is mint leaves. Put the leaves of mint in small bags and place them around your house.

Light: In order to guarantee great results leave your light on for two to three days where most of the ant activity occurs. This will confuse the ants regular scavenger patterns and will stimulate them to move.


Herbal pouches: In order to repel flies fill small pouches with clover, mint, and eucalyptus and put the pouches around the house.

Basil: Plant basil in pots to repel flies away. Flies cannot stand the smell of sweet basil.

There aren’t many effective home solutions for cockroaches and bedbugs. In order to fully get rid of them a professional pest control service is required. There are some pest control companies that do provide green fumigation services. However, even green fumigation pest control services are toxic, so make sure to ventilate and clean your house thoroughly after pest control.

When picking a pest control company, it’s critical to read customer reviews and check licenses. Use independent sites such as to find the best pest control companies, read customer reviews and get quotes – Remember non-licensed pest control companies may end up using harmful pesticides that may cause illnesses and death to pets and family members.