Microsoft puts an effort to change Xbox 360 to Living room PC

Albeit the crowd said Kudos to Microsoft during Microsoft’s Xbox briefing in Los Angels this week, Microsoft has announced that it intends to take Xbox console beyond gaming.
IDC games analyst, Lewis Ward said, “I absolutely think Microsoft is trying to build on its Xbox Live advantage and push more out from games, consoles are becoming like ‘smart’ set-top boxes but with a massive game delivery advantage.”
Microsoft amazed the audience by announcing their partnership with 35 content partners at E3 which would be for a wide range of people, right from kids to Spanish speakers. Through this gaming console, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL) will be joining hands with Major League Baseball (MLB) in streaming games. Good news for amid sports fans is that they can watch four different ESPN channels later this year.
Xbox has fascinating features which are far better when compared to traditional television. A viewer can enjoy watching two channels at the same time by switching between two using Kinect voice commands. Other voice commands are also available which can enable the viewer to watch games on split screens.
Xbox SmartGlass turns the device more than a TV. It gives user an experience of multi screen media. SmartGlass makes all devices to integrate with each other and have multiple screen entertainment. Viewers can have complementary content across multiple devices and one can procure additional information while watching a match. For instance, while watching a program, a map would pop-up and show where the scene has taken place. Smartphones can act as controller while browsing internet with the help of SmartGlass.
Microsoft has revealed that Internet Explorer is supported in Xbox but didn’t clarify whether other browsers would be supported or not. It has an advantage over other consoles as it becomes difficult to use browsers in those consoles without a keyboard. However, Microsoft is working so that the flexibility and user friendliness of browser enhances.
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