Methods To Prevent Pest Infestation In Your Office

Pests have evolved in terms of the level of discomfort or destruction they cause to people. From harming crops in farms and invading our beds and furniture to even eating human flesh. This is simply creepy and has to be avoided at all cost. Thus, pests control methods have also evolved as a response.

Humans have made a more radical feat in pest control that various services are now available in one click. The New Orleans Pest Control, for example, provides a wide range of pest control and termite extermination services with the highest standard. However, before you avail of any, let’s get you familiar with the different methods of preventing pest infestation.

Biological Pest Control Method

The biological method to pest control uses the pest’s natural enemies to biologically interfere with their breeding ability without using any chemicals. You have all seen cats chasing rats or fish feeding on mosquito larvae which are common examples directly observable from your very home. This may also include the use of natural, non-chemical sprays that have an offensive smell.

The downsides to this method are: (1) it is not a sure way to eliminate pests as this is a rather reserved method and; (2) it may result to an imbalance in the ecosystem of the environment we place them in. In general, this is a safer method but can also be harmful when not executed properly.

Chemical Pest Control Method

Chemical pesticides have become the most commonly used pest control method, particularly among New Orleans pest control providers. According to a study published in Statista (2017), the market value of insecticides is expected to make a 4.7% annual growth rate from 13.04 billion US dollars (2013) to 16.44 billion dollars (2019). Unsurprisingly, these synthetic pesticides are better able to control the targeted pests.

Some examples of this method include the use of mosquito sprays, fumigation, insect repellant, and poisoned baits. When utilized, it is important to take the necessary caution to avoid harming people, plants, and animals.

Mechanical Pest Control Method

The mechanical method offers a quick and easy fix to certain kinds of pest problems. This may be done by setting traps, using barriers, weeding, or exterminating the pest by hand. Unwanted rats, squirrels, and beetles can be easily removed with this method.

The drawback, however, is quite obvious: it can only address a small-scale insect problem. When dealing with a severely infested area, you should resort to another method.

Hygiene Pest Control Method

Any type of pest control can only do so much if proper hygiene is not maintained. Thus, it is always important to clean the house, secure all food containers, throw all rubbish into the bin, and more. Remind yourself that pests thrive in unhygienic, murky, and stinky places.


Pests are uninvited guests that need to be dealt with cautiously. The different types of pest control methods elaborated here are some common ways, although they may not fit best to your needs. The good news is; there are loads of pest control services you can now ask help from.