Meeting The Needs Of Town and Parish Councils

Town and Parish Councils definitely need to stay ahead of the times. Having a website means news can be spread easily when residents click online. Websites are fantastic tools for local communities to see what’s going on in their particular area. Council website designers offer packages to meet the specific needs of people running local parishes and towns. If you’re involved in your Town Council, check out exciting web design features like:-

  • An eye-catching website with home page slide transitions
  • News pages
  • Downloadable PDFs for minutes, archives and agendas
  • Interactive Google map to show local points of interest
  • A contact us page
  • Services page

Another great feature is a “what’s on” page which has up and coming events. This will bring in more people to your town or parish who in turn can bring more revenue in for your council. Town and Parish Council websites really work, so check out more info soon.

Meeting The Needs Of Town and Parish Councils

New features and recent Additions

Take a look at some of the new features and recent additions you can take advantage of regarding websites for your town or parish. There’s a section for committee meetings, organisations section with venue information, contacts and web addresses. How about having a:-

  1. Photograph galley which can show photos of your town
  2. News ticker which will highlight news articles of importance
  3. Interactive polls to get feedback from the locals
  4. Community forum to let others share opinions or ask questions
  5. Business directory enabling local business people to advertise their services or products

Don’t let your community down, use a professional town and parish council website designing company to let the world know what a beautiful place you live in.

Designed especially for your Town

Websites are designed especially for towns and parishes. Design specialists are reliable and offer great support. As well as offering fantastic, colourful and informative websites they can also provide:-

a)    Unlimited pages and new sections to the website

b)    Customisable background colours, maybe with the town’s crest featured

c)    Remote video training

d)    Comprehensive website statistics with Google Analytics

e)    Unlimited email accounts and web space

Don’t worry if there are any hiccups along the way, you will receive full support by phone, email or a helpdesk that’s open 9-5 through the week.

Contact the Right People

Make contact with the right people i.e. those who have many years of experience in designing town and parish websites. Experts can put your information online regarding things like:-

–       When street cleaning is carried out

–       Buying allotments

–       Planning requests

Each web page will describe in full any type of service the council provides to its residents. If you have any feedback, suggestions or enquiries, send an email, give a quick telephone call or complete an online form with your name, email address and message. An adviser will get back to you as soon as possible answering your query or queries.