Composite Shingles

Though there are many types of shingles that homeowners can choose from, but Composite shingles are the most preferred for years. Along with being inexpensive, these shingles are also easy to install on every roof style. These two reasons are at the top that’s why people prefer to have composite shingle roofing for their residential buildings. Another must to be mentioned reason for the popularity of composition shingles is the variety. These shingles offer you a great choice of colors and design, so you can easily find the one specific to your needs. As these shingles are much preferred, so let us make you know that what actually they are and of what material they are made.

Composite shingles are mainly made of asphalt and are available in two different categories- organic and fiberglass.

  • Organic composition shingles are thick rectangular pieces in which the core part is made of felt or paper. This core part is then coated with adhesive asphalt and on the top of the shingle there is a layer of ceramic granules.
  • In the fiberglass composite shingles, the base is made of fiberglass which is then toughened with a layer of synthetic resin. After that, a coating of asphalt is done on it.

Among these two types of composition shingles, organic shingles are more preferred. It is because of the reason that the fiberglass composite shingles are brittle than the organic ones. Though the fiberglass shingles are more resistive to water (because of resin coating), but they cannot withstand sudden changes in the temperature.

Beside these two main types of the composite shingles, there are three subtypes. These are:

  1. 3-tab Shingles

3-Tab composite shingles are a single layer product that comes in various colors. The distinct patterns available in the 3-tab shingles make it more attractive. These are least expensive and also easiest to install. Manufacturer’s warranty for this type of shingle is 20-30 years.

  1. Laminate/Dimensional Shingles

The thickness of these shingles is double than that of 3-tab shingles because of the two shingles affixed together. These shingles are an upgrade to the 3-tab shingles and thus, are stronger than them. Manufacturer’s warranty for Laminate Shingles is 35-50 years.

  • Architectural/Premium shingles

Among three types of shingles, Premium shingles are thicker and strongest. They look like slabs and are larger than those of laminate shingles. Superior in the quality, these shingles come with a warranty of more than 50 years and even with lifetime warranty.

Plus points of Composite shingles

  • Composite shingles are least expensive shingles that can be used in all roofing types.
  • Not only easy to install, composite shingles are also easy to replace. So, along with minimizing your installation costs, composite shingles also cost less for repairs.
  • You will get a wide range of colors and design with composite shingles. So, you can choose any style to give most attractive look to your roof.
  • Composite shingles resist UV rays and thus, reduce your energy cost by keeping the building cool.
  • Composite shingles also play an important role in preventing the growth of algae, mold and fungus.