Major Sources For Generation of Referral Traffic

Online marketing is all about generation of traffic and dealing with it afterwards. The web marketers try to find and implement ways to increase traffic to the website, so this traffic could be converted into a means of revenue generation.

There are different kinds of web traffics, web marketing companies value and target different traffics differently. Every kind of traffic has it significance and means of generation. The lines below are concerned with Referral traffic; provide its significance, and major ways of increasing it.

Referral Traffic:

This type of traffic is significant for online marketing as it sends qualified and potential customers or readers to the website from newer domains. Moreover, it has its SEO significance as well, as referral traffic is primarily generated by some social activity or backlink.

Increasing Referral Traffic:

There are several ways of increasing referral traffic. The lines below describe the major ways adopted for increase in referral traffic.

1. Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the best practices to increase referral traffic. However, prior to the Penguin update, you need to be cautious in your guest posting. Only select the blogs that are related to your niche, this way you will get the most relevant traffic. To pursue guest posting you need to analyze the hosting blog on the following characteristics:

  • What is the professional level of the posts on the blog, either they are professional or informal?
  • The level of readers of the blog, whether they are experts or beginners?
  • Carefully read the guidelines of blogging of the host blog.

2. Pinterest:

Pinterest is the new buzz in the online social world. According to latest surveys, Pinterest has superseded Twitter as being a means of traffic generation. Moreover, the traffic that Pinterest drives towards a website is single handedly more than the traffic derived by Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn combined. Therefore, if you haven’t created an account on Pinterest yet, you should create one immediately.

3. Press Releases:

Writing press releases is a great way to generate abundant and fresh traffic towards the website. You can write press release about any of the new achievements or the events organized by the company. However, in case you are paying for a press release, then you needs not to be cautious about what you share, you can do any piece of content.

4. Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking websites are the websites that allow a user to tag and bookmark different online resources and are a great source of referral traffic.  There are quite a few websites for social bookmarking, the two major ones are mentioned below.

Stumble Upon- As the name indicates, the website lets the users to come across each other accidently and the user can share each other’s content with ease.

Reddit- It is another excellent website utilized by SEO services providers. The website can bring huge amount of traffic towards the website, however, a user needs to be careful, as the website only accepts unique and quality content.

5. Social Networks:

Everyday used social networking websites like Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn can also bring a substantial amount of referral traffic to a website.

Bottom Line:

In short, from business perspective, the referral traffic is much preferable, as the users from this traffic are already interested in the offerings of the business, making it easier to close the sale.