5 Stylish Accessories for iPhone and iPad

A roundup of iphone and ipad accessories that have caught our eye.
Griffin Airstrap iPad Case
Free up a hand for using your iPad on the move thanks to the AirStrap, which incorporates a safety strap on the rear of the case that you can slide your hand in and grip your device through making it more stable on bumpy journeys.
The case itself is a mixture of hard and soft, with cushioned neoprene at the centre of the case, framed by a hard exterior that encases the corners of your device to provide protection. The case maintains easy button access, or responsive button covers, such as for the volume and sleep/wake button that again don’t jeopardise performance while improving protection for your device.
Cygnett Icon Art Series iPhone Case
Decorated with artwork by Nathan Jurevicius, the ICON Art Series Case brings a touch of extra style to your iPhone. The case itself covers the rear and sides of your phone, leaving good button access, and also comes with a free protective screen for the front of the device. The rubberised coating of the coat gives it soft, smooth finish that feels great to the touch, but doesn’t compromise protection.
Fanny Wang On Ear Wangs
Eye-catching in design and name, these headphones will certainly get you noticed. What you as the user will enjoy is the inclusion of the Duo Jack, which allows another user to plug and share your music with you. The Fanny Wangs also come with a tri-fold design, which allows you to fold them away neatly for better storage and protection. From an audio perspective, there’s a big focus on bass, and you might notice some discomfort during long spells of wear due to the earpiece design.
Annex Quad Lock Mounting System
Featuring three separate mounts so you can attach and secure your iPhone no matter where you take it, the Annex Quad Lock gives you plenty of ways to securely take your iPhone with you anywhere. Two of the mounts come with self adhesive backs so you can stick them to walls or in your car, while there is also a bike mount that comes with an arched cradle to fit bike handlebars, but will also work on shopping trolleys and child strollers.
Seagate Goflex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage
A very good way of boosting your iPad storage space exponentially, the Seagate GoFlex is a Wi-Fi mobile hard drive with enough storage space for you to be able to back up your laptop’s entire media library. You can store movies and then stream them to your iPad, and given the Wi-Fi nature of the device, up to eight people can use the device at one time.
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