Major Cricket Rivalries

Sport-up has launched many disciplines memorable contests. Although individual rivalries are like gladiator battles, these rivalries aura win new dimension when the battle is between two teams slugging it out in the field to achieve victory appreciated.

While cricket cannot be classified as the most popular sport and loved worldwide, mad passion testifies in countries where it is played. India, this game is like a religion. Let’s take a look at the most revered rivalries in the world of cricket:

1) India v / s Pakistan

For obvious reasons of political animosity, the two sub-continental neighbours have always been at the forefront of recording in all fields. But when it comes to cricket, a religion in these two countries, the rivalry is unprecedented. Although tempers have become mild in recent years, winning this game is the ultimate prize. Fans can forgive players in the loss of large trophy, but this is a must-win game. Who can forget the 2011 Cricket World Cup semi-final match, when the two countries came to a standstill and every eye followed suit. The celebrations at the end of the game, won by India, were probably witnessed the celebrations after the victory of the FIFA.

2) Australia v / s England

ASH, the word rivalry between these two teams, which spans more than 100 years, is summarized. Colonial animosity expressed in the cricket and the players were all out to win this competition. The famous Bodyline series shows desperation English to win the Ashes series. Although Australia easily dominated the ashes in the 90s and 2000, England won back-to-back Ashes in 2009, 2011 and 2013 to rekindle the rivalry. Don Bradman, Ian Botham and many others achieved cult status Ashes to achieve victory.

3) India v / s Australia

It would not have appeared in famous rivalries section, but the recent aura reached by this rivalry. While Australia always dominated this rivalry, were not able to win a test series in India for long. Steve Waugh ‘Invincible’ came to India to capture the final frontier in 2001, but returned with disappointment after a series of epic trials that India won 2-1. This was the turning point of this rivalry. Since then, the two teams have played many interesting matchups, as the ICC World Cup 2003 final, which the Australians won handsomely. In 2004, even the final frontier was captured. But India had his revenge by winning the Commonwealth Bank ODI series in 2008. Did someone just here ‘door monkey “word? A Mr. Symonds is definitely listening.