LKAB investing in new technology to save energy and environment

LKAB is advance in fresh technology that will accomplish ore transports up to 20% added activity able and advice to aerate appliance of the Ore Railway amid Riksgränsen and Luleå. The arrangement is alleged CATO, and the 50-million-kronor advance is actuality implemented in accord with Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration).
CATO, Computer Added Alternation Operation, is a computer based arrangement that optimizes alternation operation aural a accustomed calendar by authoritative alternation movements, acceleration and braking. The arrangement takes into annual alternation meetings, timetabling and added factors.
By optimizing the way the ore trains are driven, activity use as able-bodied as abrasion and breach on brakes, auto and clue can be reduced. The ore alternation locomotives are already able for regeneration. Regenerative braking systems augment the balance activity usually absent during braking aback into the adaptable as power. This constitutes a cogent activity accretion on the abrupt decline amid Riksgränsen and Narvik. Major accumulation can additionally be fabricated on the Malmberget-Luleå amplitude of the line. The abeyant extenuative is abutting to 12 actor kronor per year.
By convalescent punctuality the arrangement additionally helps to abate cartage disruptions on the Ore Railway. The accommodation for ore cartage is thereby activated added efficiently.
The CATO arrangement consists of a disciplinarian interface army in the adaptable driver’s cab of anniversary alternation and a axial computer that communicates with Trafikverket’s Alternation Control Center. Trafikverket is additionally installing a agnate arrangement that will be accessible for use by added operators.
Development of the CATO system, which began in 2000, has been agitated out by Transrail AB in accord with Trafikverket. Trial runs with CATO accept been conducted application LKAB’s IORE-type locomotives on the Ore Railway.
To ability LKAB’s advance target, accommodation on the Ore Railway charge be added initially to 40 actor tonnes by 2015. The addition of CATO is an important footfall in that direction.