Learn Everything About The Mean Stack Web Development

There are a variety of frameworks that are used to create and enhance the performance of the web-based applications. MEAN is simply a collection of a few of these frameworks. MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS are the four frameworks that are used together in the MEAN. The first letters of each of these worked together make MEAN.

Learn Everything About The Mean Stack Web Development

Before beginning the Mean Stack development, let us first know the basics of all of these four frameworks.

MongoDB: used for passing the data between the client and the server, it is a type of database system.

Express JS: You need this framework to build web based applications that are simplified and are not single paged.

Angular JS: This is another framework which is developed by Google and that works on Javascript. It is majorly used for data binding.

Node Js: it is a server side framework based on Javascript and is used to execute the applications.

These four frameworks are brought in use at every stage of the web applications development and because all of these are based on Javascript, thus making it easy for everyone. Also, there are limitations of all of these frameworks individually, but when teamed up together; they are seamless in both the mobile as well as the desktop-based web applications.

One important point that you need to remember if you are taking up a course on Meanstack Web Development Online Certification is that you need to know the basics of all of these frameworks to work in a better way. Since Node Js is the most important here, learning it thoroughly is very important.

Advantages of Using the Meanstack Course in seattle

Ø  Javascript

Javascript is not just popular but it is also one of the most preferred languages amongst the developers. So when all the four frameworks of MEAN are based on this language, it obviously makes it more preferred and easy.

Ø  Improved performance

Since the Node Js is believed to be one of the fastest frameworks, using it enhances the performance of the applications. The performance aspect is clearly visible especially in the single page web based applications.

Ø  Mongo DB

Designed specially keeping in mind the cloud-related needs, it helps the applications in using the varieties of inbuilt plug-in that make the process automatic.

Ø  Depth

If you are looking for the best libraries where the codes are prewritten and as a developer the work gets reduced, the MEAN has to be your choice. NPM, which is a library of Node JS, makes the code sharing, writing and implementing even easier in comparison to what you usually get with other libraries.

Ø  Compatibility

For the developers who really prefer to mix and match things before reaching on conclusions about how to develop an app and take care of the aspects on both the client and the server side, you should know that you can easily use things you prefer as MEAN is highly compatible with most of the things that you could think of. Be it PHP, MySQL or other related things, you won’t have to redo things from the basics.