5 Signs That Your Garage Doors Need Replacing

Garage doors take incredible punishment, as they are constantly exposed to the elements, and are easily damaged as a result. If you feel that your garage doors have seen better days and are thinking about replacement, here are some tell-tale signs that the time has come.

  1. Bent or Warped Panels – If any of the facia panels are either bent or warped, this will seriously affect their operation, and this is a sign it is time to look at replacing them. Modern solutions allow for insulated electric roller garage doors which are both affordable and strong enough to withstand the harsh British climate. If you notice the pitch of the motor change, it could mean it is struggling to raise or lower the doors, and more often than not, it is caused by incorrect positioning.
  1. No Movement – If your garage doors are not maintained correctly, the internal mechanism will become dry and this can cause a malfunction. Motorised units do require regular lubrication, and failure to do this can result in a jammed motor. If things reach that point, a replacement system is advised, as it is likely that the tracking system is buckled. Check to see if there are any visible obstructions, such as kids toys or perhaps a small branch, and if there is something stopping the doors from moving, do not force the motor as this will just make matters worse.
  1. Corrosion – It doesn’t take long for an old system to become corroded, especially if you live near the coast, and if corrosion is evident, it might be best to replace the doors with a low maintenance system made from anodised aluminium. Modern garage door units are motorised, and with full remote control, opening and closing is achieved with the touch of a button.
  1. Accidental Damage – The British weather can be extreme, and even the wind can cause garage doors to bend out of shape. If any part of the system is damaged, it makes sense to call in the professionals to evaluate the damage, and more often than not, it is cheaper to replace the doors altogether. It doesn’t take much to damage a set of garage doors, and a person leaning on them might be enough to cause problems with opening and closing. Repairs should only be carried out by authorised personnel, and the best idea is to contactthe supplier, who might have the ideal solution.
  1. Manually Operated Doors – Older types would be manually operated, and eventually, there will be problems with the mechanism, making it extremely hard to open and close. Older systems were not built to today’s standards and a few years of weathering could be sufficient to see the doors in need of repairs.

Garage doors needn’t cost the earth, and with custom made units that can be fitted by the customer, the replacement is both affordable and easy to install. Online suppliers can quote you a price within minutes, and with a secure online payment, your new garage doors will soon be delivered and ready to install.