Latest Trends In Indoor Blinds To Spruce Up Your Spaces

Window dressing is considered as one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of any room or space. One can easily modify the look of any room by updating blinds on windows. It is also regarded as the most cost-effective option to refresh your home without burning a hole in your pocket. Every year, new designs, patterns and trends take over the old ones and form a new style statement. Hence, Campbellheeps, a leading blinds supplier in Toorak, brings latest trends in indoor blinds. So let’s check out what’s trending in indoor blinds and how you can brighten up your spaces with them.

The latest trend in indoor blinds is to be minimal.

Go for minimalistic yet contemporary look which is not so loud. Less is more when it comes to latest blind trends. Go for blinds having simple lines in order to enhance the look of any space. Shutter blinds are trending and give chic look to any space. These blinds offer simple pattern and look.

Go for patterns as they are trendy nowadays.

One should now choose texture and tone in accordance to the room in order to increase the entire look of a particular space. However, one should avoid mixing too many patterns as it gives a messy look which is simply boring and weird. The safest and trendiest option is to go with geometric patterns that are quite popular and add a new style statement to any space.

Blending colours is yet another latest trend in indoor blinds.

In order to give contemporary look to your space make sure that window blinds match the colour of your walls. The new trendy colours are jewel shades such as burgundy, bottle green and teal. These are the new colours of the season that can create a very cool and natural look of your space.

Layering is yet another trend in indoor blinds.

One can choose blinds underneath the drapes to give the best layered look. However, make sure to think about the purpose of the space while choosing shades for blinds and layering. For an instance, if it’s for children to play then go for bright colours, whereas if it’s a study room then opt-neutral shades.

Lastly, long and soft pleats will never go out of fashion.

Hence keep them long and soft in order to give chic look to your rooms. Pinch pleated blinds or drapes are the best accessory to spruce up your spaces and giving them a contemporary look.