Contrary to the typical notions, nurses work in a range of medical set ups, treating several different diseases and conditions. Some specialize in certain bodily areas and conditions, while others provide a general method of treatment for diseases of lesser degree. Yet, the basic training for all nurses is somewhat the same.

Looking for assistance in a hospital or healthcare? In an emergency situation, it happens that you don’t really realize which nurse to call out and specifically when there is a rush situation in the hospital and your patient needs immediate help. The three ways you can identify a nurse are as follows:

1.    Uniform

Generally it is the uniform that helps patients and random people to identify a nurse. As the name says, it is the same for every worker and there are plenty of nursing specialties, how could you make the difference that which nurse is specialized for which nursing category when the nursing uniform is the same for every worker?

Nowadays hospitals and health care centers and clinics have given nurses the option of wearing nursing scrubs of different colors. Some have specified the categories of nurses into differently colored scrubs whereas at some places, there is leverage of wearing a scrub with different patterns and designs of their own choice to give a stylish look.

Nurse informatics is a field of nursing that greatly involves the computing of information with the use of electronic media. These nurses assist doctors for the efficient workflow. Therefore, this category of nursing does not really require wearing uniform since their job is on desktop computers.

On the other hand, pediatric nurses that work with children and treat almost anything that a child has contracted can easily be identified due to the way they dress up. Bright and colorful and usually scrubs with cartoon prints.

2.    Name Card

3-ways-to-identify-the-expertise-of-a-nurse1The second way to identify a nurse is to simply have a look at their name tag. Taking about Dubai, DHA (Dubai Health Authority) issues a license for nurses to work and on their ID card the license numbers mentioned along with their name and expertise. Id cards are usually carried or worn in badges or with lanyards. From the name card, you can clearly identify the nurse and their specialty for which they serve in the hospital.

3.    Accessories

Apart from the uniform and the name tag, the apparent visual of nurses holding accessories can give you an idea whether the nurse is a nurse practitioner or a general care taker etc. This is obvious from the accessories the nurses carry along with them for example stethoscope, blood pressure checker, injections etc. Some nurses have pockets and they carry their necessary equipment along with them all the time they’re at work.

Anything and everything that could identify a nurse whether it is the nursing scrub or it is the accessories that nurses hold can be found online on this medical uniforms store if you intend to purchase them.

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