Key Signs Your AC System Needs Repair

The country is starting to thaw out after a cold winter. With spring comes warmer temperatures and turning your air conditioning system on. As the temperatures continue to rise outside, look for these key signs that you may need to repair your ac system. Looking for them ahead of time can help you save money and keep you from needing an emergency fix.

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Little To No Air Flow

When the ac compressor is failing, the air flowing out of the vents may diminish if not stop altogether. Debris can work its way into the vents and block air flow. Ductwork issues can lead to colder and hotter rooms. Find a quality Brandon FL air conditioning repair company to come to look at the unit.

Leaking or Excessive Moisture

Excess moisture around the unit could indicate a problem. Water pooling around the unit could be due to a broken or blocked drain tube. Water also causes rust and mold growth. Leaking refrigerant is a health risk and calls for immediate repair.

No Cool Air

If you have to leave your fan on all day and constantly lower the temp, the ac may need to be repaired or replaced. The temperature out of the vents should be colder than the air circulating in the room. The repair may only entail recharging the unit’s Freon, or it could indicate a serious problem.

Strange Smells

If strange smells start emitting from your ac vents, it could indicate a problem with the unit. Burned out wire insulation emits foul or pungent odors into the air. If mold is in the ductwork or unit, the air can smell musty.

Thermostat Issues

The cooling problems your home has may not be the unit at all. Temperature ranges of ten degrees could indicate a faulty thermostat. Varying temperatures throughout the home can also signal a thermostat issue.

High Utility Bills

The ac unit consumes the most energy in the home. A broken or inefficient unit consumes more energy making those utility bills rise. The hotter the day, the more money it costs to run. Sometimes a simple repair such as replacing air filters can help lower your bills.

Weird Sounds

If your ac is making strange noises, it may be time to have it replaced. Grinding, squealing and grating noises are not normal and could indicate a very serious problem with the unit. Anything from broken bearings to poor lubrication on inner components can cause odd noises to emerge.

Summertime is coming bringing its scorching temps and humid days. Don’t be left without a properly working ac. Has it inspected and repaired early in the season, so you can save all summer long in your nice, cool home?