Keeping The Roads Clear With Commercial Towing Services

Most people have witnessed big vehicles being involved in auto accidents or mishaps. Following such incidences, many have also witnessed commercial towing companies coming to facilitate the execution of light and heavy duty towing services on the side of the road. These kind of services have enabled roads to be cleared promptly after the incident involving accidents of big rigs, some loaded trailers, tankers, transportation coaches or motor homes. These circumstances normally involve the closure of sections of roadway to efficiently clean up or clear out the area. As a potential owner of such vehicles, you would want your vehicle and the products to be handled in a way to minimize the loss. This article is meant to outline the commercial towing trucks or vehicles and the appropriate ones for a given scenario.

The various types of commercial towing services

With the help of commercial towing companies, vehicles involved in an accident can be easily removed from the scene by use of appropriate and suitable equipment. It is common to spot many types of tow trucks on the road as each situation is unique with different requirements.

  • Boom trucks are unique and have an adjustable boom winch which is useful in places where most tow trucks will not be in a position to safely back up. For instance, if a vehicle has been stuck in a ditch or has been plowed over an embankment the boom winch will comfortably pull it to safety.
  • The other type is the hook and chain trucks, or otherwise referred to as the sling or belt lift trucks. These normally use chains to looped around the axle to position the car so it can be towed by the help of the other axle. It is good to note these can destroy the drivetrain on the front wheel drive vehicles and scratch bumpers. Despite this, they are still used to for towing vehicles with missing wheels or those with steel bumpers.
  • The wheel lifts are the modern version of the famous hook and chain towing trucks. These make use of a large metal yoke which cradles either the front or rear wheels so they can pneumatically or hydraulically hoist the car above the ground for towing. This type does not connect to the axles but connects to the front wheels for front wheeled cars or trucks. The device can also be referred to as the spectacle lift because of its resemblance to a pair of squared eye glasses.
  • Flatbed trucks have a flat surface or bed which can hydraulically incline or lower to the ground to enable the vehicle to be winched or driven onto to it. This facilitates its removal from the scene for large vehicles. This approach has been referred to as the rollback or slide approach.
  • Lastly an integrated truck, which is a self-loader, is mostly used in repo operations as well as for the removal of illegally parked vehicles. This one incorporates the boom and wheel-lift approach which can enable it to negotiate the process of hooking up the vehicle from inside the rescue vehicle. This being done without the driver of the vehicle having to exit it.

Written by the staff of Tiger Towing in Columbia, MO.