How To Hire A Roofing Company

Roofing your house needs to be done by a professional and a reliable roofing company. Before settling on a roofing company to do the job, you need to be sure that they have met the bare minimum requirements for it. There are certain questions that you could ask the particular company to ascertain their credibility and suitability for a given roofing job. This is key since having a company that will do a shoddy job would imply that you incur extra cost of repairing possible leaks in the future. The following questions will help you tell if a roofing company is fit for a given job:

  1. Ask for the full roofing company’s name as well as their physical address; it is paramount that you inquire about the company’s name as well as their address. In case a particular company uses the Post Office Box, you need ask about their physical location. This is key since a roofing company that is operating without a physical location should raise your eyebrows. There are various sites that offer lists of reliable roofing companies that you could rely on, it is would pay off to cross check the company in question from these lists.
  2. Does the roofing company have insurance? It is a requirement by the law for roofing companies to have workman’s compensation as well as liability insurance to you as the homeowner in case of an accident. This worker’s compensation will be a guarantee that any injury that will be faced by the roofing company’s employees during work will be taken care of by the company. On the other hand the liability insurance will cover you against any damage that will be caused by the roofing company to your home during the repair or replacement work. It is worth noting that in the absence of the respective insurance covers the homeowner will be liable for any of the damage caused to the workers or your home.
  3. Ask if the roofing company makes use of subcontractors; it is good to be inquisitive if any of the job will be left in the hands of subcontractors. If that is the case you need to make sure that you ask the subcontractors the same questions that you would have asked the roofing company. It is key to ask about the insurance covers the subcontractor has taken.
  4. You need to inquire if the roofing company has a roofing contractor license; it is good for you as the homeowner to ask whether the roofing company has any license of operating from the city or state. It is worth noting that these vary from state to state. In some states or counties, it is necessary for the contractors to be licensed. You need to verify this by checking from the licensing offices in your locality, verify that the roofing company’s license/s is up to date. It is good to differentiate between a business license and a roofing contractor license since the latter is equally important.
  5. Ask for homeowner references; you need to ask if the roofing company has any sites that could provide their previous works and recommendations from various homeowners. References could be useful in proving the reliability of the company in question. However it is also wise to directly follow up on the homeowners to check on the reliabilities of the various references.
  6. Ask if the roofing company offers any warranty for their roofing work. It is good to ask for how long the roofing company expects their work to be useful to you that is how long they guarantee the repair to last. For a typical roofing work it is expected to last for not less than one year. You might be lucky to find companies, which offer longer warranties. It is good to note that the manufacturer offers cover on the material and the roofing company offers cover for the work done. Note the difference between the two warranties. It would pay off to ask the roofing company what would be covered for each of the warranties and the periods for each.

As a homeowner you need to settle on the best roofing company that you could lay your hands on. It important that you verify they have the necessary requirements for a roofing company. The insurance covers should also be verified to make sure that you wouldn’t be responsible for any damages occasioned by the work being done on your roof.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractors for roofing Columbia, MO has to offer.