Junk or Treasure – Do You Have Any Of These 5 High Value Collectables?

Even though there are many ways to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, selling collectibles is the most effortless way. If you like collecting items from well-known movies, baseball cards, books, or board games, then you can be set up for life if your items fetch high prices on auctions. Here are five high value collectibles. Next time your parents or the old lady across the street asks you to help move, keep an eye for one of these treasures.


In case you are in possession of classics or first editions, you could earn plenty of money for these collectible books. Sotheby’s auction company states that books can have plenty of value as a result of many factors, including binding quality and rarity. Prior to rebinding or trashing your books, carry out your research since you might be in possession of a collectible. The most expensive comic book sells for over 3 million dollars. It’s a copy of Action Comics #1. Considering it was only 10 cents when it came out, that’s quite the increase in value! What’s lurking in grandpa’s closet?

Movie Collectibles

Some movie collectibles earn as much as $1 million. But it must be yours first, which is hard since movie collectibles are highly sought after. Cult film items from movies like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ have the most value. Also, items that were used by movie stars who died suddenly such as James Dean fetch a high price too.

‘Star Wars’ Collectibles

Star Wars is not just a movie, it is a cultural phenomenon that has its own holiday. It has its own toys that are famous collectibles and that are high in value. In case you have a collection of items from the initial star wars trilogy, you could make up to $1 million

Trading Cards

baseball cards are normally valuable collectibles. You could make a fortune from rare baseball cards. In 2016, 7 T206 Ty Cobb baseball cards were found in a trash by someone who made $1 million on them. The Washington Post valued each card at $150,000. The most valuable card made $3.12 million in 2016; it’s a 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner.

Collectible Coins

Where you one of the kids whose grandparents gave them collectible silver coins growing up? Maybe you inherited a collection after an estate sale.  There may be more than sentimental value to your coin collection. If you’ve have ever wanted to sell your coin collection you should start now. You won’t likely quit your job, but you may get a nice vacation out of it.

Board Games

A single board game can hardly make $1 million. But in 2011, a craftsman made a Monopoly board and set from gold plate, and it was valued at $2 million. The luxury of purchasing this set could only be afforded by the extremely rich. Even though you might not have such a board game, if you had a collection of board games, you could make a lot of money.

If you have always been a fan of star wars items or any other collectible, and you have some in your possession, you can easily become a millionaire. Realistically speaking, you won’t be quitting your daytime job anytime soon. However, if you are ok parting with these times or you’re an Ace in the thrift stop game you can definitely make enough to treat yourself to something nice.

Hoarding may have finally paid off. You may be sitting in a pile of cash without knowing it. Most likely it’s a pile of dust. Check out if any of your childhood mementos could be worth some serious cash.