Interviewing Soon? 3 Tips For First Impression Success

Making a good first impression on an employer is often more important to landing a new job than anything included on your resume. While employers want skilled workers with the right experience, they also want to know and like their employees. They are making an investment in you as a person. How you conduct yourself in the very first meeting is likely to make or break your possibility of getting hired.

Be Organized And On Time

All employers want to find employees they know are organized, accountable and don’t have to be managed constantly. A person’s preparation for their interview usually gives a clue about these important skills. Even if all you’re bringing to the interview is a copy of your resume and application, ensure that everything looks prepared and organized, perhaps in a small folder or binder. When a potential job is more complicated or requires many more skills, bring whatever paperwork you think may be relevant, such as certification pages, diplomas or portfolios. You should know exactly what you’ve brought and where everything is in the binder.

Hand-in-hand with this is being on time. No employer wants to wait for someone they haven’t even hired yet, and they want to know that a new employee is going to be reliable. Being a few minutes early to your interview shows that this job is very important to you and that you blocked out plenty of time in your schedule to make it happen. If you are late to your very first meeting with an employer, they are already wary of your reliability. You don’t want to go into an interview with any disadvantages you could avoid.

Dress For Success

What you wear to your first interview actually has a major impact on whether or not you get the job. Dressing professionally, not matter what kind of job you are interviewing for, shows the employer you are serious about the job. You took the extra time and effort to present your best self. This usually includes professional attire like suits, ties and belts for men and perhaps a blouse or business suit for women. Women can also benefit from wearing a belt, like these Grip6 belts, appropriate to their outfit because it enhances professionalism.

If your employer has a specific dress code or preferred type of dress, then you should know this before going into the interview. If possible, choose an outfit that follows this dress code. All employers want to know is if prospective employees have done their homework. They will be looking to see how knowledgeable you are about the company and its practices. The more knowledge you are able to display, the better impression you will make.

Make A Positive Connection

Employers usually rank the personality and friendliness of a potential employee as highly as their skills and experience. The employer knows you are a person they are considering interacting with on an almost daily basis, so they want to be sure that is going to be a positive relationship. Much of your interview is showing an employer they are going to like working with you. If the employer gives you a chance, make the first move on introductions. Offer your hand and name, and don’t forget to smile.

It is also important to make some kind of personal connection to the person interviewing you. This should be something that is not work related. Use the environment to your advantage and be observant. You may notice something on the wall or on the desk that sparks a connection with you. Try to make this sound casual and not forced. Keep it short, merely a simple statement about where you went to school or similar interests you may have. Your new boss isn’t looking to be your friend, but realizing they have found someone with commonalities will put you both at ease and make them feel more comfortable about hiring you.

Your first impression on an employer is one of the most important parts of getting a new job. Do everything you can do to make this first impression the best. There are basic qualities like these every employer is looking for, and having them will make your interview smoother and your prospects of landing your dream job that much better.