4 Commercial Property Disasters That Could Ruin Your Company

As the owner of a commercial property, proper maintenance is key to protecting your bottom line. Even with routine maintenance, unexpected emergencies can occur. An infestation of mice, a burst water pipe or a backup of raw sewage could cause money to leak out of your pockets. Know what to do in case one of these four disasters strikes your property.

Broken Water Pipe

A broken water pipe could flood the interior of your business. The slippery, wet floors and potential for electrocution present a serious risk to your property. If an outdoor water line breaks, your parking lot could flood, making it difficult to get into or out of your building. A broken water pipe requires prompt repairs by a licensed and experienced plumber.

Backed-up Sewer

A backup of your sewer line could shutter your business’ doors for quite some time. Raw sewage is a serious health hazard. Professional cleanup and an inspection by the health department may be required before you can open your doors again. A sewer backup could be the result of tree root intrusion, a crack, obstruction, or an overloaded sewer. Replacing the line may require digging a trench between the municipal sewer access point and the location of the break.

Pest Infestations

An infestation of mice, rats, termites, scorpions or other pests could be a big problem for your company. Not only do these vermin present a safety hazard, but they could result in the health department shuttering your doors. Pest control services help to get rid of an infestation. Some companies, like Be There Pest Control, know that you can also opt for preventive pest control. This includes the application of pesticides and setting of traps by licensed and certified pest control experts.

Hazardous Chemical Spill

Many businesses use hazardous chemicals. While something like ammonia might seem like a simple cleaning agent, a spill of it could create a dangerous situation. Other hazardous materials, such as mercury or radioactive isotopes used in medical research could also pose a hazard if they are spilled. Be sure to use all OSHA and EPA guidelines for safe handling and proper disposal procedures.

Any one of these disasters could cause your company to temporarily shut down. Just as short closing of your doors could cause customers to turn away and never come back. Having a plan of action can help you to avoid this situation. Take the time to create an emergency management plan for your company that includes each of these potential commercial property disasters.