Interior Signs of Foundation Damage

As you walk around your home, you can easily see signs of damage to your foundation like cracks in the concrete. If your foundation has a stucco covering, you may notice the stucco peeling away from the foundation or cracks in the stucco itself. Some think that they cannot see signs of foundation damage inside their homes, but there are some signs that indicate you need professionals to repair your foundation. Do a quick walk through of your house to look for some of the interior signs of foundation damage before calling on foundation repair Buffalo New York experts for assistance.

Bowed Walls and Ceilings

Bowed walls and ceilings are a common sign of foundation damage that impacts the interior of your home. As the foundation shifts, it causes the rest of the house to move along with its base. This can make the bottom of the walls move with the foundation while the top of the walls try to stay with the roof. If you look closely, you may see an actual curve along the side of the wall. As the problem worsens, the ceiling may bow as well because it moves to one side to compensate for the foundation shift.

Uneven Floors

Another common sign that you need a foundation repair is when you notice that your floors appear uneven. Stand directly in the center of the room as you look across the floor. Keep your eyes out for tables, shelves and other furniture that leans to one side. If you aren’t sure you have a problem, put a small ball on the floor. If the ball moves on its own, this is a clear sign that the floors are slanted. You can also place a small car on the floor and see if the toy rolls on its own.

Stuck Windows

Do you have a lot of problems with windows that stick? This may relate to your foundation. As the foundation and the walls move, the frame for your window will move too. The frame will eventually become uneven and have a hard time holding the window in place. As the window cannot move smoothly through the frame, you may need to apply more pressure to open or close it. As soon as you notice any of these problems, contact a foundation specialist. The sooner you take care of the problem, the less it will cost.