Interesting Internet Tips To Make Your Social Life Easy

Asking for an easier life has become the notion of the people who are already enjoying the luxury of having technology in their lives. Moreover, companies are creating innovative technologies to facilitate people with their gadgets or services. That is why companies like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are continuously updating their products to provide better and better services to their users. However, because of continuous updates, many users remain unaware about these updates and keep using the same old functionalities and features instead of the latest ones.

That is why being a professional blogger I decided to write this article to educate my readers about the latest and exciting internet tips so you can make your social life easier.

Remotely log out of Facebook:

If you are a frequent traveler or work in an office in which you have to use different computers, and you think you might have to leave your Facebook credentials on any computer, then there is no need to worry because Facebook allows you to log out from all the computers at just one click. Go to settings and using the drop down on the right top of your screen which you usually use for logging out from the Facebook. Then, go to the security and log in at the left top and then you can see a column with the named, where you’re logged in. Through this, you can manage your logged in accounts and log out them with just one click.

Searching of the incomplete phrases on Google:

If you struggle in recalling complete phrases and want to complete it with the help of Google, due to too many results, Google will not be able to provide you with your desired result. For this, you have to know a little trick that can make easier for you to find the incomplete phrases. Using the asterisk in your incomplete phrases will make the Google to search for the specific terms that you are putting in. If a word or words are missing, instead of showing its own option, Google will search just the terms in between the asterisks.

Soft block on Twitter:

If you want to follow anyone on Twitter but doesn’t like to see his or her tweets on your timeline, Twitter has the solution of it. There is the soft block option on the Twitter which allows you to follow a person without having his or her activities on your timeline. This is a good way to avoid the person without offending him by un-following him. To soft block, anyone on the Twitter, click on the cogwheel placed on the right of the person’s profile.

Incognito Window:

Incognito modes are now available in almost every prominent browsers. Starting from the Google Chrome incognito is helping the people to keep their browsing history secret from the system owner. It doesn’t matter if you have to search the football score or any update on your favorite celebrity at your office computer, just open the incognito mode of your browser and keep browsing whatever you want without creating any history of it.

Many people believe that Incognito mode is only for watching explicit or embarrassing content which you usually don’t want to register in your history. Conversely, incognito modes are helping people to not only keeping their browsing history secret but also in keeping their credentials of different social media or online bank accounts in need of using someone else’s computer or device.

Muting Email Thread:

Office email thread and the chain emails are the most annoying emails that no one wants to see in their email inbox or getting notified of it. Fortunately, we have the solution for it. Email threads can be muted on just some clicks which will get you rid of from all the annoying notifications that you get on your phone or computer. If you use Gmail for all your official or personal work, you can mute any thread just by clicking on the “more” tab at the top of the e-mail and then click the mute option. While using the Outlook, you can mute any thread by getting into the home tab and clicking on the “ignore” button because this feature is termed as ignore in the Outlook. Any muted or ignored thread can be reversed by using the same method.

Emoji on the Desktop Web:

Using emoji in your chats is the best way to add feelings in your conversation. To increase this feeling, there is a very simple way of writing emoji quickly and easily on the desktop web. Because most of us don’t know about the letters and symbols of many different emoji, that is why we copy and paste it from the emoji websites like getemoji and iemoji. However, there is a simpler way for using emoji on Mac and Windows as well. Open any text field on your Mac and press command, control and space together to bring up the emoji characters panel if you use OS X 10.8 or later. In the Windows systems, go to the taskbar, then toolbar, then touch keyboard and choose the smiley key. However, there are very few browsers which are compatible with this feature according to your operating system you are using

Slow motion videos on YouTube:

There are many fun tricks and tips for the YouTube that very few people know. For example, you can play arcade games within viewer in the YouTube. However, some more tricks are very useful. Like the ability to play the YouTube videos in slow motion. Moreover, there is no rocket science in playing the slow motion videos on YouTube neither you have to install any plugin in your browser. Just keep the spacebar pressed, and the video will start playing at a slower speed. This trick is perfect in spotting yourself in the background of any news channel reporting or taking the screen shot of any particular moment.

Retro Google:

Are you bored of simple looks of Google and want to spice up your searches. There is a fun point. Just write “Google in 1998” in the search bar and enjoy the Google look of the 90s.

Author Bio:

Ralph Hamrick is a Google Certified Digital Marketer and blogger who also provides academic services like online essay help and helping the companies and brands to learn about the uses of latest tech to enhance their business.