A Piece from The 2020 World Education

We all love to know about our future but hate to do something for it. Though it is hard to say anything certain about the future but if we limited our forecasting to near future, then we can say with some confidence that all the predictions can become right. And when we have to do the forecasting of the field like the education, then we have to be more careful while predicting anything because lives are on the stakes. Being a writer, I cannot risk the future of my readers by making weak predictions that is why I left my speculations aside and decided to write what the experts on world education believe about the future of our education.

After getting the views and opinions of many different educationalists, I came up with the five predictions which I and the panel of educationalist believe that these could be our future and this will be the look of our world education in 2020. In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you those five things that are going to be the look of our education in the year 2020.

  1. The education will become remote:

The classroom is the most primary aspect of our education today. Though with the changes in our education system, our classrooms haven’t changed except the writing boards and the benches and chairs. However, we are now witnessing some major changes in our classrooms. Now students are more interested in using the laptops and the MacBook instead of the textbooks. They are now using the internet more frequently than past few years which is changing the face of our classrooms. Instead of asking questions from the teacher or the instructor, they Google it and get the answer to the questions within minutes. This is the situation of today’s classrooms, but it is going to be more advanced in near future.

The students and the education are going to be remote in the near future or we can say till 2020. The panel from which I concerned about this topic believe that the education tech will continue to get advanced and in 2020 we believe that students will not even need to attend the lectures. They can get their lectures remotely from anywhere through different communication tools. They can either get it live in audio format or through the video link. Which means even a student who lives in a different part of the world can also take the same lecture and lesson that the local student is getting.

  1. The role of teachers will be limited:

It is believed by the panel of educationalists that not only the students and the classrooms but the role of the teachers will also change shortly. The majority of the educationalists gave their vote that the role of the teachers will be limited in the year 2020. One of the main reason of this is the increasing reliance of students on technology. They believe that those students who are still in their early days of educating cannot use the advanced technology that our schools are using even these days that is why they need the assistance from the teachers and the instructor. That is why with the time when technology gets smarter and more advanced and the need for the teachers to teach how to use the advanced technologies will increase too.

Because all of these duties and responsibilities, the teachers will be under the immense pressure. That is why the educationalists believe that instead of increasing their pay or their duties, they will limit it to particular things. The teachers will only be limited to teaching the students how to use the technologies that can help them in their education. They will teach them how to use the internet properly and how to use different software and other tech devices that could help them in completing their assignments or preparing for the exams.

  1. The diploma will be considered as reputable:

There are many reasons why the educationalists believe that in the near future the diploma will become respectable and acceptable just like the degree for companies. One of the main reasons is the increasing student debt. Universities and the colleges are increasing their tuition fees, and it is getting out of the hands from the students to afford it. That is why a serious financial debt is on the rise among the students. The only alternate that these students have is diplomas which are not only affordable but also polish the skills of the students’ way better than the expensive colleges and universities.

  1. Student’s Revolution:

In my experience with the students of different prestigious academic institutions, I didn’t find any student who is entirely satisfied with his college, university or school. This is a lava which is boiling under the roofs of the academic institutions, and the educationalists have predicted that it is going to explode in the near future. This is why they believe that students are going to have their voice in the future. They are going to be on board about their educational matters and in the policy making for education. They will play an active role in all their college and university decisions making and nothing will change without taking the students in confidence.

The educationalist thinks differently about the relation of the academic institutions and the students. They believe that the students are not their slaves whom they can bound with the chains of their choice. They believe that the students are their customers and they have to treat them just like any company treat their customers with respect and dignity. They have to listen to choices and their opinions about their product or service which is education. The students are may not be the mavens but they are the stakeholders, and their says will be respected in the future.

  1. Institutions will be more dynamics:

Because of all the above changes, the institutions need to be dynamic in order to provide best educational services to the students. Competition will build up among the educational institutions for providing the best services just like any other companies with the same services. They will start considering more about the students instead of keeping their policies monotonous for everyone. They will even change their policies and the laws just to satisfy their clients who are the students.

Author Bio:

Arabellaalice is a Master’s degree holder in Literature and also doing his PHD in Educational Sciences that is why he has a very keen eye on the world education. He also uses his writing skills for the betterment of the education and writes blogs on different platforms on the education. He also provides writing services to many different academic writing companies and gives Help with Dissertation UK to the students in need.