Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Candy-Themed Games

Sometimes, we all need a fun way to kill time, whether it’s spending hours on a bus, waiting in line or passing time on a long flight. So when you’re searching for an entertaining way out, we’ve got the answer. The fantastic games on this list are a sweet solution for any candy lover no matter if you need to kill seconds, minutes or even hours. They provide instant fun and most importantly, they are a real treat.

Crafty Candy

Same as a cotton candy machine spins to produce sweet cotton clouds, so does Crafty Candy provide an almost endless bag of super delicious levels. There’s no line too long or a ride too tedious that over 1000 levels can’t transform into delightful fun. Each level is unique and when you add tons of satisfying colors and eye-pleasing graphics, dull hours simply melt away.

The great thing about the game is the more you play the more you get used to the diverse gameplay. This might bring you to the point where everything gets easy. But no worries, with all of these levels, each becomes just enough more challenging to keep you playing without wondering if there’s a better way to pass the time.

Candy Maker Factory

Have you ever wanted to make candy but were afraid you’d end up with a huge mess? Candy Maker Factory is the experience for you! Not only do you learn to make candy with a multitude of cooking supplies – candy ring molds, an induction cooker, a deep fryer, baking pans, rolling pins, even a food masher – there are separate factories for different kinds of treats. Enjoy the splendor of the traditional, glitzy chocolate bar factory, or hop on over to the sugar rush of the rock candy factory, or visit the pretzel factory if you need to take a break. Dig into all kinds of goodies!

If you have trouble making decisions, then watch out: the hardest part about playing Candy Maker Factory is deciding what delicious concoction you’re going to make! It’s a great way to embrace the kitchen without any of the heat, mess, or cleanup. Be aware that there are some in-app purchases available, but they are certainly not required in order to play the game.

My Sweet Cotton Candy Shop

If having a single cotton candy machine isn’t enough for you, then how about an entire cotton candy store to satisfy your candy cravings? Sell candy samples at a carnival, earn money and quickly upgrade the shop. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even take photos of your best sweets to show off to your friends. Just don’t get ahead of yourself when you’re done by trying to eat the sweets on your phone screen – it can be very tempting!

The only minor downfall of this game is the absence of multiple levels. But what the game lacks in levels it makes up for with tons of colors, decorations, and flavors you can combine to make creative candies. The moment you start your personal candy making adventure, you’ll be so busy being creative that additional levels will be the last thing you’re thinking about.

Voila! Now you’ve successfully melted another set of boring hours with some delicious treats. And tomorrow, you might start wondering if there’s yet another addicting candy game to start playing. If you’ve already played all the games we listed, here’s a top 10 list of even more fun games you can check out. I found the list to be quite helpful when writing the article so you might as well.

The List of The 10 Most Popular Candy Games List

Something new and sweet is just a finger tap away.