Importance and Types of Shower Screens for Bathrooms in Home

There are innumerable choices available in choosing shower screens for various types and dimensions of bathrooms. The shower screens are the essential in a bathroom to keep the water tight, and to ensure that water does not mess up the remaining area of the bathroom.

The shower screens are designed out of rubber seals that are essential to ensure the water does not leak and spill into the outside area. Each shower screen is designed to meet the extra safe requirements, and to be resistant against knocks and bumps. The screens with frames are manufactured with luster aluminum frames that are designed to be rust resistant and durable. Shower screens are mostly a onetime installation project that should last for decades.

Glasses Used in Shower Screens

Different types of glasses are used to install the glass shower screens. These glasses are textured to ensure the installed. For example, the thickness of frameless shower screens is comparatively higher than those used for framed shower screens, because of the extra support that is needed with frameless structure of the screens. The glass is manufactured abiding with safety requirements to make the screens resistant against knocks or accidental bumps required privacy while at bath. The thickness of the glass varies depending on the type of shower screen being

Types of Shower Screens

There are three major kinds of shower screens available in the markets which are listed below.

  • Frameless
  • Semi Frameless
  • Framed

Frameless Shower Screens

These are the premium type of screens that provides the ultimate luxury and comfort in addition to enhancing the style of the bathroom with its unique design. The advantage of the frameless option of shower screens is that they look good on any type of bathrooms, and add to the luxury and needed space. These type of screens is the most preferred option for the small bathrooms where there is no enough space to accommodate the framed screens. Glass shower screens are the popular type of frameless screens and since they do not have any structural support of frames, they are made of thicker glass as compared to other types of shower screens. They are also more durable and last longer as they have the 10mm glass support.

Semi Frameless Shower Screens

These types of screens are still more open and offer the modern look that is not achieved with the traditional shower enclosures. Semi frameless type of shower screens are effective in preventing the leakage of water from showers to the outer area as they have a thin frame running at the top and bottom of the screen to hold the panel firmly.

Framed Shower Screens

Like Semi frameless shower screens, the framed type is designed to provide the needed structure and format to the bathing unit in the bathrooms. Framed shower screens are made of materials that have rounded corners and contoured profiles to filter the dirt and soap traps, thereby adding a touch of elegance and serving the purpose for which they were installed.

The shower screens are easy to fit and install in the bathrooms of any size. They are necessary to enjoy best of bathing experience without making a mess in the entire area. It is necessary to clean these glass showers to avoid the stains formed due to soap foams and other dirt that spills over the glass during a bath. The cleaning is straightforward with a simple damp cloth wiping with the necessary cleansing liquid.

So get the right shower screens and transform your bathroom into a work of art. After all, why should a bath be boring anymore?