If Salvador Dali was an Entrepreneur: the Art of Augmented Reality

If Salvador Dali was an Entrepreneur the Art of Augmented RealityThere is often a misconception surrounding marketing as a term. Most people look at it through a very limited scope and fail to see its robust nature. Business marketing is both a science and an art. It strives to capture an experience in real time and share it with the consumer masses in a consistent manner. To be successful it must stay fresh and current. This means that as technology advances, business marketing must evolve to accommodate the new tools of the trade. Having a marketing plan with a projected growth rate is vital. It is the scientific side of the coin that says, “If you follow this marketing plan, 150 percent growth rate is guaranteed in one quarter or less”. In other words, it tells us that A+B=C.
Knowing the artistic side to marketing
As an art, marketing helps consumers discover the core of the business. Artistic marketing grants business owners the opportunity to be original and unique in the way they brand their products. The trick is to find a way to access the right resources and deliver them to the public. This, however, poses a dilemma: most art is unique to consumers and to the time period in which it was created. In other words, cyclical efforts almost always defeat consistency.
The solution
Most consumers discover brands and businesses via their Smartphones. Therefore marketing your products and services with mobile app development that provides the tools and resources to create mesmerizing mobile experiences and launch them to the market is of the highest importance.
The projection that any eager business should take to market with scientific artistry demands modern technology that is attention grabbing and easy to use. The future of artistic marketing can be found in augmented reality apps, a creative way to market a business in which elements from the virtual world spring to life in our organic, natural world. Augmented reality changes the way consumers view the world around them, and as a result a new canvas for creative expression is brought to the boardroom table.
What would Dali say?
Augmented reality is a science and an art. In fact, New York’s Museum of Modern Art had an exhibition on adding virtual elements into our physical reality through the magic of augmented reality apps. The virtual reality components are viewable by pointing a Smartphone or tablet to any point in the world around you. The phone’s GPS tracks where you are positioned and coordinates with the data to get the relevant images and place them in your reality. You may not want to market your brand with melting clocks or people with drawers protruding from their bodies, but the artist inside all marketing professionals is dashing to capture capital through this innovative technology that the surrealist Dali would surely approve of.
Get creative
By doing an online search you can locate an augmented application provider that can work wonders for your marketing efforts in conjunction with app development. Large companies like Nissan, Becks Beer and Lego have already embraced this medium of artistic marketing expression. Do your research and see if you have a little Dali in your creative genius.
Image source: http://perspectives.charlesluck.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/world-builder-large.jpg