How To Write An Argument Paper

Writing a good argument paper is regarded as a challenge for many students and academicals due to its specific structure and uncommon composition. The parts of this work are different from any other research paper.

• Claim

Making a claim the most important part of the whole paper. It is not enough to compose it properly, but also to choose the right issue. A claim is usually a controversial and debatable statement, which you will use to prove your thought. A thesis should be strong, tenacious and disputable. It is better to settle upon a subject connected with acute social or political issue.

How To Write An Argument Paper

• Support

To support your idea be ready to provide a couple details and strong points of view supported by real facts and data.

The idea you are going to highlight should have been previously mentioned in official publications and researches.

This part is essential: based on the evidence provided a reader will either agree with your standpoint, or find it superficial and feeble. A reader might consider your claim as the false one if you do not provide them with enough facts and an expanded analysis.

• Counterargument

It will be unfair to show only one side of a point. The final chapter of your paper highlights the other standpoint on your claim. The objections are provided via data from other resources. Several paragraphs are enough to illustrate the opposite opinion on your subject.

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