How to Withstand Google Algorithm Update?

Eventually, we will face another Google algorithm update and this could affect the rank of our website in search results. If it does happen in the future, search positions can be easily wiped out overnight. Because regular updates will occur sometime in the future, we should learn something from them and we could take the necessary steps. In order to make our website more durable, we should stick to the basics. It is important that we don’t try to outsmart the search engine. Our website should be easy to navigate, so bots won’t have problem crawling all pages. These pages should also be filled with useful content and we will be rewarded for our efforts. If our website has basic structure and standard SEO methods, it will be more durable during the change of algorithms. Problems can happen when we overoptimize our website. Website text should be written naturally and main keywords should be included on our website. It’s acceptable to put keywords strategically in HTML code, but we shouldn’t overdo it.

Google will recheck websites for any excessive keyword density and if we are penalized, it is possible that we will have much lower ranks. Problems can also happen if we indulge in linking frenzy, especially if we focus too much on PageRank system. Websites that are involved in feverish efforts to trade links. Search engine should play important role for many years to come, so it is important that we maintain good relation with Google. Many websites are abandoned forever by their owners after being penalized for serious SEO mistakes that they do.  Good website owners don’t think much about PageRank and they prioritize in giving people the best content possible.

It is important to diversify promotion efforts, so if there’s temporary setback in ranking, we could still get decent traffic from other sources. When competing for heavily contested keywords, it is quite easy that we succumb to less than appropriate methods that leave us vulnerable to significant algorithm update. Traffic can be obtained from forums, article publications, social media presence and other platforms, as we are waiting for search engine rank to recover. Another good thing to do is to find niches that can provide us with extra traffic. Other than primary keywords, we should look for related keywords that may not be covered by competing websites. So, if algorthm update affects ranks for primary keywords, we could still retain good ranks with multiple niches. Niche should be unique and specialized enough, but still relevant to our primary topics. If the effect of algorithm is serious enough, we should be ready to start a PPC advertisement effort. It means that there should be an emergency budget that can be used for PPC effort during unexpected algorthm update. Maintaining a well optimized website with good content and standard SEO methods is a good way to make sure that our website will withstand algorithm change that wreak havoc in the SEO industry.