How Recreational Cannabis Legalization In California Affects Led Grow Light Sales

On Nov 9, 2016 recreational cannabis finally became legal for adults 21 and over in California by the passage of Proposition 64. Moreover, it allows the adults to carry 28.5 gm (1 ounce) of simple marijuana and 8 gm of concentrated marijuana. Adults are also given the permission to grow six plants on their private property as long as the area is hidden from the public eye. Also, the proposition strictly prohibits the smoking of a joint in public places and encourages the use of the drug for private use and medicinal research.

Legalization of marijuana will no doubt give a boost to the marijuana cultivation industry. More and more people will turn to grow the plant and sell it further. This will also give a boost to the industry that is focused on producing equipment for indoor gardening. The indoor gardening product that is likely to see a big portion of these sales is the grow light. More specifically, LED grow lights in particular are more likely to become immensely popular after the legalization of recreational marijuana.

How Recreational Cannabis Legalization In California Affects Led Grow Light Sales

What are LED grow lights and why are they so popular?

LED grow lights are a fairly recent advancement in the indoor gardening industry. Before LED lights, indoor gardeners mainly relied on HID bulbs such as metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps as light source for large scale growing. Although these lights remain popular, LED lights now make up a significant portion of the market. LED lights give an equally good and sometimes better quality as compared to any MH or HPS light and use less than half the energy. They also have a very long lifespan and don’t produce heat as like high intensity discharge bulbs do. LED grow lights allow you to target the exact light spectra needed to get better quality product and increase the productivity of your plants. The best LED grow lights prove to be extremely cost efficient in the long run.

LED grow lights and cannabis cultivation:

LED grow lights are immensely popular for cannabis cultivation. People who grow marijuana using LED lights praise the light’s ability to produce cannabis of a very fine quality. While growing cannabis indoors, people generally struggle in switching the plant to flowering stage from vegetative stage. The flowering stage of cannabis needs to be highly monitored, as this is the time when resin starts accumulating, which is responsible for the effect of the marijuana.

Plants rely on both red and blue spectra of light but during the vegetative stage. While the blue receptors are more active during vegetative growth, red receptors are more active and during the flowering stage. In a natural environment, the internal biological clock of the plants allows the transition, but in an artificial environment, it sometimes becomes difficult for the plant to switch. As LED lights allow you to manipulate the light spectrum, you can easily adjust the red and blue light ratio depending on the current stage of the plant. The adjustment of light at the correct time will result in increased resin production and allow you to produce a very high quality product with very strong effects.

California marijuana legalization and LED grow light sales:

The legalization of recreational cannabis in California will allow the industry to prosper. Since the bill states that the cannabis plants are to be grown only indoors, it will also give a boost to the sales of grow lights. Since HID bulbs produce a lot of heat and can be expensive in the long run, people will turn to alternatives that use up less electricity and have no detrimental effect on the plant. People can choose fluorescent lights but they are not enough for large scale growing and have no influence on the quality of the plant. They also don’t produce a lot of yield. LED lights on the other hand, prove to be cost efficient, give a greater yield and enhance the quality of the weed produced. Due to these advantages of LED grow lights, the industry is set to benefit from the growth that is to come in the cannabis industry.