How To Start IELTS Preparation

No matter where you live in Canada, or perhaps outside Canada, if you score well enough in IELTS, there are quite a few opportunities for you:

  • You can get admission anywhere in the country
  • You can get job in one of 9000 organizations worldwide where IELTS score are accepted
  • You’ll have better chances of getting permanent residence in Canada

How To Start IELTS Preparation

IELTS has been the high-stake English language test that guarantees better education, better position and better lifestyle. It measures your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and assesses your ability to communicate for work, study or life in an English-speaking country.

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This post shares some steps on how to prepare for IELTS test. Are you ready?

Step 1: Understand the Format

The first step is to make sure you understand the IELTS test format. You need to know what will be expected of you on test day. If you think your native English background can help you appear in test without any preparation, you could be wrong. According to IELTS Canada, “Some native English speakers are surprised to find that they score lower grades than non-native English speakers who have only been studying English for a few years. This can happen if you take IELTS unprepared.”

Step 2: Understand the Test Format

  • Study the test format to make sure that you know what to expect.
  • Look carefully at the content of each part of the IELTS test: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • Get to know the different types of questions that you may be asked in each part.

Step 3: Join IELTS Affiliated Center

Once you are familiar with the IELTS test format, you will need to undertake a number of focused preparation activities. You can prepare yourself well enough by joining English language centers in Edmonton 432 or 473 where you can have a practice test as well.

Step 4:  Preparation Activities Recommended by IELTS

  • Examine IELTS practice test papers and answers. The more you practice the better you will become. If you’re native English, you’ll get better and understand the format within a month.
  • Take practice tests under timed conditions. Affiliated English language institutes offer IELTS practice tests for students.
  • Practice with the English language center’s IELTS online preparation resources, available free when you book your test with the concerned center.
  • Buy IELTS self-study books and materials.
  • Review our IELTS test day advice.
  • British council is also running IELTS. So, you can join British Council, buy course material online and even appear in the test.


By appearing and clearing IELTS, you can open the doors of success. You may be a good engineer, doctor or entrepreneur but due to low income, substandard lifestyle, expensive commodity market or poor medical facilities, you may be willing to move to another city, and IELTS will help you get a better life.