How To Properly Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

When it comes to keeping hardwood floors clean, steam cleaning has many advantages. It not only removes the dirt, but also mites, mold, spores and other allergens. Steam cleaners are a few times costlier than conventional vacuum cleaners, but their efficiency and depth of cleaning are unmatched.

Steam Cleaning Explained

Steam cleaners are popular because they are easy to use. However, before the cleaning may take place, you need to prepare the floors to avoid unwanted side effects. Vacuum the floors prior to steam cleaning to remove dust, sand and other abrasive particles that may scratch the floor finish. Steamers usually run on water, but you can use a cleaning solution that is pH neutral. Steam can be used to clean only sealed hardwood floors, as moisture may seep into worn spots and warp the wood.

How To Properly Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

Starting Out

When you prepare the floor, fill the steamer’s canister with hot tap water. Before cleaning, check if the steamer’s filter is clean. Fix the canister into position and turn the steamer on, heating the water to steam. When you push the cleaner forward, it will release the steam, and when you pull it back, the cleaning pad will wipe the dirt away. The best ways to begin is from one corner of the room and work toward the opposite one, until the entire floor is steamed.

Devices for Hardwood Floors

Manufacturers label their products whether they are safe for sealed hardwood floors. Check the product description or ask the salesperson before counting the money. Some cleaners, like White Wing Steamer, use hot, dry vapor steam system that works without chemicals. It is recommended for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Just like Steam Australia commercial steam cleaner, it safely kills mold, mildews, bacteria and viruses.

How To Properly Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

Keep It Light

Steam cleansers for home use need to be lightweight and easy to use. When purchasing a new steamer, look for models with a long power cord and the ergonomic handle that reduces the stress of repeated forward and backward motion also known as “mopping stress”. The Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe comes with two terrycloth cleaning pads, while its clear plastic filter shows when it needs changing.

How to Choose the Right One?

When you choose one that you like, ask the salesperson to remove it from the box so you can hold it as if you are cleaning the floor. A steamer is good for you if you can hold it naturally, without hunching or straining your hand. It should be comfortable to hold and push, as the water will add to the weight. You also need to consider these:

  • How well is it made?
  • Is it difficult to fill or empty?
  • Does the unit include a reusable filter or you have to buy it separately?
  • What do the customer reviews say?

How To Properly Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

If you vacuum your hardwood floors every week, and give them a good mopping in between, using a natural, chemicals-free cleaning solution, they will look clean and shiny. On the other hand, if you are concerned for the health of your family members, steam cleaner is hard to beat. It cleans the threats that are invisible, removing bacteria, allergens, dust mites and worse. It is especially recommended for high-traffic floors, but also any other floor surface, at least once in a few months.