How To Properly Plan Our Garden?

No garden is identical. They may vary greatly in style, shape and size. The components that make them up are also different. In fact, there’s no recipe for a properly-planned garden. However, what makes a garden special is its uniqueness. Therefore, we should be particularly careful in the initial planning stage and this important step should reward us for many years to come. We should have the satisfaction of owning a garden that work well and meet all our requirements. The sun-loving climbing plants could beautifully surround our ornate garden seats. Our garden may have natural stone pathways that re fringed with low-growing flowery plants.

Only well-designed and carefully thought out garden can look pleasing with the attractive planting, harmonious materials and strong layout. Whatever the style of our garden and its components, they should feel like a logical progression the moment we step into our garden. The whole theme should be represented by the style, color and material used in the garden. Whether we are designing our garden from scratch or remodelling an existing one, it is essential to devote enough time for planning and researches. We will make mistakes and take inappropriate decisions, but we should be able to eliminate most of them by fully exploring the initial stage. In this case, it’s important to narrow our focus early on, so we won’t overlook all the opportunities and ideas to easily.

Forethoughts should include deciding on things we need to expect from our garden and how we will use it. Today, there should be a great range of available material in the market to help us make the right decisions.

Besides questions of personal taste, appropriateness and cost, we should also bear in mind the local climate when choosing specific materials. It is important that the material we choose is resilient and long lasting. We need to place great emphasis on the overall importance of our research, by emphasizing all the negative and positive factors. Once we have looked around, we should come with designs and styles that we prefer most.

When designing our garden plan, we need to achieve a balanced ratio between soft-planted and hard landscape areas. It means that herbaceous borders, shrub beds and lawns should be combines well with driveways, terraces and paths. These soft and hard surfaces should fulfil their practical roles well, by providing dry routes during the rain and fertile ground for plants to grow. Garden can be designed as a single area and it should be appealing if we can make it feel more spacious and open. Alternatively, we may divide our garden into more intimate sections. We should design garden with the strongest structural elements and beautiful contrasts.

Plants we choose should also reflect our personal preferences and they should match the local climate as well. We need to understand about the type of soil and the overall orientation of the garden. As an example, we could add ornamental rhubarb and globe artichoke to make our garden looks more beautiful.

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