4 Easy Ways To Save On Energy In Custom Home

Custom homes are great. The homeowners gets a house they want to call home because everything about it speaks of their vision of what a home should look like. This is one custom home builders are so much in demand in the United States.

However, regardless of custom homes or furnished apartments, saving on energy is something that everyone wants. No matter it is the recession or one’s own financial tribulations, it is a priority of everyone to lower his utility bills down. When money is saved on electricity, one can utilize that amount on other household tasks or save the money for a safer future. In fact, reasons to save money can be countless. So here are 5 easy ways to save on energy at home.

Utilize Energy-Efficient Appliances

Whenever you are buying a new product whether it’s any appliances or electronic devices, always make sure to look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s label. You should assure that the product you are buying is energy-efficient in order to ensure environmental protection and huge savings on the electricity bills.

4 Easy Ways To Save On Energy In Custom Home

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are extremely useful. You can install and schedule a programmable thermostat so that it can automatically adjust your home’s temperature. So whether it is a day or night, programmable thermostat will provide you a comfortable environment and save around 14 percent on heating and cooling costs!

Minimize Phantom Loads

The term Phantom Loads is given to the energy which is consumed by appliances and electronic devices when they aren’t actually turned on. According to a survey, in an average home, about 75 percent of the electricity is used to power up home electronics is utilized while the appliances/electronic devices are turned off! In order to terminate the phantom loads, you would need to make a habit of unplugging the appliances/electronic devices that aren’t in current use. You can acquire a power strip, which would help you turn everything off by turning off only one switch.

Get Your House Insulated

This one is the most important step among them all. If you want to save a lot of money on your yearly electricity costs, attic insulation is what you require getting done in your home. By insulating your home, you would make sure that external temperature doesn’t affect the internal environs of your home and you are able to live and breathe in a balanced temperature. However, you would have to make sure that you get the services of a good insulation providing service in order to get high quality insulation done in your home.

Thus these were five easy ways to save on energy at a custom home. A great feature of custom homes is that you can use some of the above mentioned tips in the design phase of home construction to make the most out of your home. For example, using energy efficient appliances is a fairly straightforward feature to implement during home construction. For any other energy benefits, be sure to consult with the house builder before making any final conclusions.

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