How To Manage Your Time? Tips For Bloggers

When tasks are piling up and you’re running out of time you need to find your balance. Good writing takes a lot of time: research, writing, editing, re-editing, proofreading, posting etc. But you need to meet your deadlines. When you feel overwhelmed by the many tasks you have and the very short period of time available to finish them, turn to some time management advices like the ones below to regain your effectiveness.


Create a Schedule

The first thing you need to do is to create a schedule. Don’t think about it as a waste of your time, in the long term you will see the benefits. Manage your time, split your tasks and you will quickly find your way towards success. Keep in mind that this is also a process that requires effective, so be realistic when you create your schedule. Offer yourself enough time for each task and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Prioritizing your tasks is another good way to work efficiently. Put the most important ones on the top and start from there.

Don’t be afraid of rescheduling, is perfectly acceptable. Your schedule is not something final meant to torment you, it should help you get a general picture of the things you need to do and the time frame you need to do them in.There are always interruptions that will take up your time, so don’t be afraid to spend a few minute rescheduling.

Go task by task

I know multitasking is the way to go, but sometimes you need to get your focus on a single thing. Think about it this way if you concentrate on a single task you will do it well and finish it and you will save time for other tasks. This strategy applies best for bloggeTrs, because they need a solid concentration when it comes to tasks. So, when you blog, just a blog, stay away from other things.

Use Tricks

In order to keep your balance, from time to time, you need to give yourself the opportunity to do something you love: have a cup of tea, talk to your friends, take a walk, play with your pet, etc. Schedule such an activity after every task. Think of it as a reward for all your good work. But don’t go over the edge, assign a limited time period for these activities and resume your work as soon as possible.

Other Patterns

When monotony finds its way into your schedule, change it. Keep your list and your priorities but change the way you work. Stay active and busy and set yourself new challenges every day.


Keep your life organized, not only your desk but your computer and your Inbox too. Remove unnecessary clutter from everywhere; use a storage device for example.

Be Social but set a Limit

Social networking takes up a lot of your time. So set yourself a time limit. In this process you should take into consideration the optimal time you need to spend socializing to be on top of trends and learn new things. Always log out from all your social media platforms when you work or at least use the Do Not Disturb status.

Follow these strategies and you will gain time and achieve success in no time. Stick to them and remember: a task well done is a task half done!

Author Bio:
Austin Richard is an IT professional from Selftesttraining. He likes to write for different blogs on different interesting topics. He is E20-533 exam qualified.