How to Get Guests Entertained in Wedding Receptions?

There are many ways to entertain guests and one of the most important things to do is to get involved with them. We should give them an opportunity to participate in the event. For example, we may inform them about activities that they should do. Friends and relatives who are known for their singing skills could be asked to contribute. There are also some game parties that we could incorporate in casual wedding receptions. This will keep everyone comfortable and they should be clear in their expectations. When making the invitation for the wedding ceremony, we should be clear with the day and time. We should also inform guests about what clothes to wear and what kind of wedding reception that will be held. This will reduce the level of anxiety among guests and they will be able to enjoy the wedding reception better.


Food could also have significant entertainment factors in wedding receptions. Bite-size food could help in improving comfort in these events. Guests should be given the opportunity to move and participate more. Instead of being confined on the table with plate, knife and fork, they should be able to move around. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking around while putting in oversized pieces of food into our mouth. It is important to make sure that we are able to reduce the size of the food before we swallow it. Finger food is also easier to handle. Paste with its thick sauce is obviously not an ideal finger food. Whatever we do, we should try to make it much simple for guests. Tooth-picked items and mini-kebabs can be handled more easily. Food that doesn’t involve any kind of utensil should be simple and fun. Color could make food mentally more delicious, so we should make sure that food can be colorful. Actually, people do eat color. They tend to choose less tasty colorful food, instead of a tastier one with blander color and uninspiring visual appeals.

Decorations could also help to boost mood and we could do this starting at the front door. There are props and signage that we could add in the entryway. When guests experience a good mood from the beginning, it is easier for them to get entertained from the start. In the end, we should make sure that they have the feeling of anticipation and excitement. There should also be enough empty space inside the venue. It is very easy to overdo it and forgetting to assign enough rooms for guests. Space can be cramped enough that there’s barely enough space for guests to set down their glasses and plates after eating. When entertaining guests in the wedding reception, we should try to be consistent and creative. It can be quite tempting to throw everything in, but this could overwhelm everyone in the event. The decoration should be both simple and elegant. There should be no more than three primary colors in the decoration scheme.