How To Get An Extended Warranty For Your Appliances

Thinking of buying a new appliance, say, a coffeemaker? Then let’s walk through a possible scenario: You head to the appliance store, try to look around, and find one you like. You ask for a salesperson to test the product, and after you decide it’s what you want, the salesperson then tells you where to pay and the warranty. However, it’s not impossible for him or her to offer you another called an extended warranty. So you start to listen, and while you do that, you begin thinking if you should get it. The offer, after all, sounds tempting.

It’s a good thing you’re still thinking of getting the appliance as you still have to time to read all about extended warranties. These warranties are different from the standard (or first) and are optional. However, salespersons bank on the peace of mind they give you since they can cover several things not included in your basic warranty.

Here’s how to get an extended warranty for your appliances and everything you need to know about it:

Price of the Product and Warranty

An extended warranty can be worth hundreds of dollars, depending on the product and coverage. Either way, if the cost is 20 percent of more than the product’s price, forget about it. Otherwise, it may appear costly than a repair or replacement.

Standard Warranty

Standard warranties last for at least 6 months to a year, which may sound not enough, but again it all depends on the product. If you’re a smartphone fanatic, there’s a good chance you’ll replace your unit even before it gets damaged and requires a repair. Moreover, many appliances these days are robust and reliable, so they don’t suffer from breakdowns quickly.

Cost of Replacement

Because competition is tough in the electronics industry, customers now have many cheaper options that it might be more affordable to buy a new one than have a defective unit repairs. Seriously consider extended warranties for big-ticket items since repairs may also be costlier.

Coverage of the Standard Warranty

It’s normal for manufacturers to cover product defects but not labor or damages due to your own wrongdoing. For example, you accidentally dropped your phone or you didn’t follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance. Fortunately, some extended warranties are lenient with their conditions you can claim for repair or even replacement. Moreover, some of them may cover loss due to theft, which many home or contents insurance policies exclude.

Store Policy

Store policies can supplement the protection provided by the standard warranty, which gives you the perfect excuse not to buy the extended warranty right away. These shops may offer a money-back guarantee or replacement should the product gets damaged within a month.

Repairs and replacement can break the bank, especially if they happen in the most unfortunate time, so it’s perfectly natural to feel the urge to buy an extended warranty. Don’t forget, though, not all appliances would require it. Before you say yes, think, ask questions, and read the fine print. In the end, nobody makes the purchase decision but you.

When home appliances breakdown, it can be a very big headache and pretty expensive too. Wondering how to get an extended warranty for your appliances? Our experts at tell you all about it.